Get Cozy In Your New Favorite Book Sweatshirts and Hoodies


The weather is getting chilly in the Northern hemisphere, which means it’s time to layer up your apparel. Whether you’re going to layer over your book tank tops or your favorite reading T-shirts, you’ll find yourself rich in options when it comes to book sweatshirts and book hoodies.

Buy one for yourself, buy one for your best friend, and then plan to buy some more for great holiday gifts this year. There’s some kind of perfect book sweatshirt for every kind of reader here.

The Perfect Book Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Simple but effective, you can select from 32 colors for this heart books sweatshirt. $30 and up.

#TeamCoolKid. $33.

This bookshelf is almost as pretty as your IRL shelf. $35 and up.

Do you struggle with abibliophobia? $35 for this fun hoodie.

There is nothing I don’t love about this “It’s a good day to read a book” sweatshirt. $40 and up.

The perfect sweatshirt for your Zoom book club. $22 and up.

The colors and style of this “one more chapter” hoodie are hard to resist. $50.

So collegiate! $32.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Er…your chest. $39 and up.

Any questions? $28.

Readers who love libraries or work in libraries roll like this. $28 and up.

A giraffe reading a book on a sweatshirt is exactly the kind of clothing I like in my wardrobe. $47 and up.

Who doesn’t read past their bedtime? $27.

Wear this and twin with your TBR. $27.

I’m obsessed with this embroidered butterflies-and-book sweatshirt. $38.

How perfect is this “Strong Female Protagonist” crop hoodie? The answer is completely perfect. $47.

Get cozy and tell everyone where you put your support. $48.

And where you just came from. $35.

Mount TBR is one of those strange mountains that seems to just grow taller and tall, no matter how much you climb. $35.

What are you doing to decolonize your bookshelf? $37.

A little off the shoulder, patterned all over number. $46.

Library lady can, of course, mean someone who works at the library or who spends enough time at the library to become a fixture there. $30.

Continue to shout it from the roof tops: diverse books matter. $38.

This is how I party. $45.

Read and chill is my life motto, especially during the cooler weather. $46.

Last, but not least, a sweatshirt to remind you what time it is. $35.

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