Joe Biden opposes guarded border between Ireland and NI


The White House has given approval for Joe Biden to start receiving the president’s daily intelligence reports, an administration official has said.

The bulletin, called the president’s daily brief, consists of a collection of classified intelligence reports prepared every day to give the US leader updates on major security threats around the world.

It comes as another sign Donald Trump is backing away from contesting the transition of power to Mr Biden – and is a day after he told his team to co-operate with the incoming administration.

He said on Monday that he had given the green light to the head of the General Services Administration (GSA) to proceed with the changeover.

The GSA is responsible for many of the basic services that allow the US government to function, from buildings and transport management to IT, financial services, supply chains and human resources.

Despite this turnaround, however, the incumbent has still vowed to keep up the fight against the election, having repeatedly refused to accept and concede that he lost.

Mr Trump has claimed widespread voter fraud skewed the final result earlier this month but has failed to ever produce evidence.

Earlier on Tuesday, the President-elect began announcing the first of his cabinet picks, which included several firsts for America.

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