Alosha App Offers a Way for Artists and Musicians To Make Money Fast.

A new app is gaining popularity among up and coming artists and musicians trying to sell their work. Created by musician Mark Hartman, Alosha is a social networking space for artists to be recognized and collaborate with other artists and art enthusiasts worldwide. With a user-friendly interface, no upfront fees, and built-in shipping, this app is quickly gaining traction! 

Screenshot of Alosha's app interface displaying the discover tab

Artists can post pictures and audio files of their work for sale through the app at no charge. This free service allows even the most beginner artists to get their work recognized by potential clients before investing heavily in marketing, and the app only takes a small fee after a piece is sold. Hartman believes that Alosha offers a unique partnership with its content creators. It’s an app that actively assists artists in catapulting their careers up to the next level. 

Available on Google Play and the App Store, Alosha asks artists to identify themselves and their preferred mediums such as painting, sculpture, music, or more. After they have completed their profile and linked their payment data to the app, they can start to upload their work, explore other artists’ profiles, and interact with potential buyers. Through likes, comments, and shared messaging, the app encourages users to connect and cultivate long-term relationships. 

To ensure its users’ success, Alosha includes some unique features that set it apart from other craft sales platforms. Mark Hartman knows how hard it is to get the respect your work deserves. He shares the artwork uploaded on the app to the Alosha social media platforms onTwitter, Facebook, and Instagram @aloshapp. This extra exposure gets the artists’ work in front of yet another audience. The app also covers shipping costs for all works that require shipping. With Alosha, artists can send their artwork anywhere in the world without the hassle of inflated shipping costs. 

Alosha is an app that cares about its users and does everything it can to help them run a successful business. With a simple design, no subscription fees, and free advertising, Alosha functions as a partnership between artist and art enthusiast. 

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