Sugar High


If you’d told me back in the early 1990s (my, um, experimental college days) that a few decades hence bookstores would be selling cannabis cookbooks, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are, and hallelujah. In Sugar High: 50 Recipes for Cannabis Desserts, Chris Sayegh first delivers a primer on cannabis—quite necessarily, as uniformed and skewed perspectives on the plant are abundant—before moving on to how to calculate dosage. Beware: There are equations involved! But if that doesn’t deter you, proceed directly to oil and butter infusions and tinctures, and then on to the sweet stuff, such as dulce de leche coconut blondies, tiramisu and “Literally the Best Hot Chocolate.”

Really, is there any better way to get your CBD or THC than through a luscious chocolate custard? When Sayegh opens his first cannabis bakery, I’m there.

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