Karla Dennis On the Importance of a Strong Digital Brand

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We are living in a world  where everything is increasingly getting digitalized. Now you don’t have to wait to save money before building an office or a store. In today’s world, you can launch your brand online, advertise it, and make your place in the market. Many people think that you shouldn’t launch your brand online unless you have a physical location. Karla Dennis, the CEO of Karla Dennis and Associates Inc., highly disagrees with this. Karla is an award-winning and America’s top-class female tax advisor. Karla knows the importance of online branding. She is famous for her simple and easy blogs about various tax-related topics and her lectures on YouTube. She offers many tax advisory, accounting, and business services on her website. 

Karla believes that building a robust digital brand is extremely important. Your digital brand can be as successful as any other brand with a brick-and-mortar location. You just need to build confidence and trust with the people you serve, and your digital brand will bloom like a fresh flower. Online platforms today have intrinsic sharing features. Karla thinks that if you earn the trust and confidence of your online audience, clients, and follower, they will share your brand with other people, and you will get advertised for free. But if you disappoint them, they will put you on a negative trend, and your brand will be dead in less than a day. Karla regularly posts blogs on her website and her Instagram and makes interesting educational videos. She says she is not just a tax advisor; she is also a tax educator. Karla regularly gets featured in giant media outlets such as Forbes, MSNBC, KTLA, Yahoo! Finance, and Smart Money, just to name a few.

Karla Dennis has been offering online services for a long time. She provides a wide range of services such as Strategic Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Business Structure, Cost Segregation., and Audit Representation. The Karla Dennis and Associates, Inc. serves many industries, including but not limited to Business Startups, Real Estate, Chiropractors, Entertainment, Car Service Providers, and Investors. Karla fits her services according to the market’s demands and adapts according to her clients’ needs. Maintaining a strong digital presence across the internet has helped her firm grow nationally, now serving clients all across the United States. 

Karla believes that social media has helped her tremendously in growing as an entrepreneur. Social media helps her connect with her clients and educate them about various tax-related topics, issues, and laws. Karla is an incredibly consistent person in her endeavors. She says: 

“In order to maintain a strong digital presence, you have to be consistent at what you do and stay authentic.”

People like people whom they know. That’s why Karla tries her best to maintain a healthy connection with her clients and followers. Your business is more than just your source of income; she says it’s also an opportunity for people to get to know you. Be the best version of yourself when you interact with your clients, your brand will bloom just like Karla Dennis and Associates, Inc

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