THE AMERICAN RELICS signed to Tribeca Records have been whipping the floors with their two most recent YouTube videos. From out of nowhere (well at least from out of the 60’s) they have come onto the music scene with style and grace and a huge buzz and they haven’t stopped to take a breath. Their video “The Eyes of 1969” has skyrocketed to 81K views in one short month following “My Impala” with over 155K views.

The poetry of THE AMERICAN RELICS is that they’ve been around awhile, playing music since the 60’s, however their songs somehow stay relevant in the present. The band consists of lead singer, master, guitarist, and songwriter, John Gitano, who also doubles on the vocals. Then there is opera aficionado Adrienne Dugger whose vocals and harmonies transcend the angels voices in the heavens. Newest member Neal Lazar is a rockstar on guitar and Nelson Montana bangs the bass, but is also a multi-instrumentalist. Ian Zane rocks the guitar like no one else. Josh Salant is the perfect engineer and drums. Joni Ernst plays the keys in her own band as well as this. The other new member Patti Jarman plays guitar and and does additional vocals.

Their songs are fun….all of them… and of course, nostalgic. They are known for bending genres, and for holding a huge and enormous stumbling sphere of human emotions… their songs are a place where both grief and grace can live, where rage can be explored and examined, and not simply exploited. they treat us to memories, the links on a golden chains that bind and unite us….I’m excited to see what’s next from this very unique musical group. 

The official website for THE AMERICAN RELICS may be found at

Stream “The Eyes of 1969” (Retro Mix) on Spotify here:

Watch “The Eyes of 1969” (Retro Mix) lyric video here:

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