People Are Being Paid To Attend Trump’s Las Vegas Rally

People Are Being Paid To Attend Trump’s Las Vegas Rally

A Craigslist ad is recruiting people to attend Trump’s Las Vegas rally for branding and marketing purposes.

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Here is the text of the ad:

Looking for someone to attend the Trump rally on Sunday. It would be a marketing promo so we would ask you to wear a shirt of the brand and also carry a sign. Bonus payment ($50) if you end up on broadcast!

Picking up shirts / signs + attending event estimated at a total of 3-4 hours of work. $75 flat payment + $50 potential bonus.

We ask that you take photos of the event for confirmation and marketing purposes.

There is no evidence that the Trump campaign is looking to hire attendees for the rally, even though Trump has used that practice in the past for his events. This would appear to be a company trying to promote its product and get it on camera at the Trump rally.

Trump also paid  people to attend his 2015 campaign launch:

However, the ad does demonstrate that not everything is as it appears at campaign rallies and events. For instance, much of Trump’s rally crowd is made up of a hardcore group of supporters who attend all of his rallies and follow him around the country like MAGA deadheads.

Several of the regulars make money at these events by selling Trump merchandise and products. There is a whole cottage industry of people who make a living off of Trump’s campaign events. If Trump ever finds out about this, he’ll probably insist on a cut of the sales.

When Trump inevitably brags about and inflates the crowd size in Nevada, remember some of these folks were paid to be there.

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