7 Best Shorts Like Chubbies for Men: Stylish Charm in 2024

7 Best Shorts Like Chubbies for Men: Stylish Charm in 2024

Chubbies sells almost every kind of shorts.

The founders believed that any man should look good and feel great when wearing them.

They made styles that anyone can relate to, from funky swimwear to cool chinos.

However, quality comes with a price — expensive ones at that.

Fortunately, there are good alternatives that come close to the clothing brand’s style, build, and comfort.

I searched far and wide to find the best shorts like Chubbies for men, whether you need a breathable summer attire or want trunks to rock the beach.

Keep reading to find the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Key Takeaways

In picking the best shorts like Chubbies for men, I combed through multiple Amazon listings and analyzed their features. I chose my top seven based on color, material, size, and fit. The Meripex Apparel Men’s Freeballer Athletic Sports Shorts come out on top for their durable and lightweight construction. It’s followed by the Rexcyril Men’s Athletic Gym Workout Shorts, which are budget-friendly pairs you boldly wear to the gym and the beach.

man standing on a sea cliff
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Meripex Apparel Men’s Freeballer 8” Athletic Sports Shorts: shorts like Chubbies for men

Why they’re great: Made from polyester, the Meripex Apparel Men’s Freeballer Athletic Sports Shorts offer a durable yet lightweight way for you to do your workout or play sports. The built-in liner ensures that the outer shell won’t rub against your skin while allowing you to move freely during your routine.

The eight-inch inseam and multiple color options make these men’s shorts like Chubbies  appealing enough to wear outdoors, too. The zippered pockets keep your items and gadgets secure, and the elastic waistband and drawstring help you adjust the fit to your liking. The Meripex Freeballer provides you with a simple yet fully functional pair of shorts that feels good and looks great to wear every day.

Who are these for? Perfect for anyone who wants shorts they can take to the gym and hangouts.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The pockets are a bit shallow. Time to bust out the tote.

Material: 100% Polyester | Sizes Available: S–4XL | Colors Available: 28 | Inseam: 8 inches | Care: Machine wash

Rexcyril Men’s Athletic Gym Workout Shorts: shorts like Chubbies for men

Why they’re great: The Rexcyril Men’s Athletic Gym Workout Shorts provide you with an affordable pair of gym bottoms. Created with nylon and polyester, the fabric has a four-way stretch that gives you proper flexibility and mobility while you lift weights. The shorts are also lightweight and have moisture-wicking properties to keep you comfortable no matter how hard you sweat.

The two side zipper pockets will always keep your valuables safe and secure. These shorts like Chubbies come in three-inch inseams so you can show off those muscular thighs and impress everyone. The mesh liner gives you enough support for your prized jewels, and the split-leg design ensures these bottoms won’t snag when you do squats.

Who are these for? Great for guys who are looking for budget-friendly gym shorts.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They are really short shorts. I mean really short.

Material: 90% Nylon, 10% Polyester | Sizes Available: S–XL | Colors Available: 12 | Inseam: 3 inches | Care: Machine wash

Chubbies Men’s Shorts

Why they’re great: If you have the money, then go straight for the Chubbies Men’s Shorts. These casual bottoms are made of cotton and spandex. The front-button closure and zipper fly give a nice, subtle, elegant touch. The fabric is also stretchable, which means you have no problem walking, running, or even kicking when wearing these shorts.

The chambray-lined pockets can fit in even the biggest smartphones, and the elastic waistband keeps them snug when worn. The 5-and-a-half-inch inseam allows you to showcase your thighs without appearing too bold or revealing. Think of them as a luxurious way to look charming during summer.

Who are these for? People who want premium shorts and have the cash for it should buy these.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The fit runs smaller than advertised; just keep that in mind.

Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex | Sizes Available: XS–3XL | Colors Available: 6 | Inseam: 5.5 inches | Care: Machine wash

Amazon Essentials Men’s 6” Inseam Drawstring Walk Short

Why they’re great: The Amazon Essentials Men’s 6” inseam Drawstring Walk Shorts are straightforward bottoms that easily fit through the hip and thigh. They comfortably sit around the waist, and you can use the drawstrings to keep them there. The midweight-twill makes them perfect for warm days, and they’re also soft to the touch.

These versatile pull-on shorts like Chubbies come in 16 different colors, which make them easy to style with other clothing. Pair them with graphic or plain tees and slap on your favorite sneakers, and you have a modern and youthful summer outfit.

Who are these for? These shorts are great for people who prefer a more breathable alternative to pants during hot climates.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They are not as stretchy as the other options. No splits here.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes Available: XS–XXL | Colors Available: 16 | Inseam: 6 inches | Care: Machine wash

PULI Men’s Golf Hybrid Shorts

Why they’re great: The PULI Men’s Golf Hybrid Shorts are made of performance fabrics that offer extreme comfort while you wear them daily. They have quick-drying and sun-resistant features that make them great for sports and warm weather. Their stretchable structure ensures that they will last and will provide you maximum mobility whatever you do.

The sleek color options and the 7-inch inseam length give off that classic straight-leg vibe similar to classy golf shorts. These men’s shorts like Chubbies also come with six total pockets: two slants, one pouch for gadgets, two welts at the back, and one zippered container for your cards and coins.

Who are these for? An excellent choice for guys who want to wear shorts every day.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They fit rather tight by the thighs; you might need to size up.

Material: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex | Sizes Available: 30–38 | Colors Available: 15 | Inseam: 7 inches | Care: Machine wash

Maamgic Men’s Swim Trunks

Why they’re great: Dive into some stylish shorts with the Maamgic Men’s Swim Trunks. These stretchable bottoms are perfect for dipping at the pool or the beach. The inner lining is skin-friendly and won’t cause irritation. They also have a soft and superior texture to old fishnet mesh.

The inseams have the right length to fall a bit above the thighs, giving you a more dashing image while still long enough to keep the sensitive parts covered. The quick-dry feature prevents you from wasting your time drying them off. These shorts like Chubbies have two side mesh zippered pockets and one more built into the liner, giving you various options to keep keys, cards, and money safe.

Who are these for? Swimmers looking for stylish swim trunks will love these.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They have only one solid color option. Womp Womp.

Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | Sizes Available: XS–XXL | Colors Available: 42 | Inseam: 5.5 inches | Care: Machine wash

JMIERR Men’s Casual Shorts

Why they’re great: If you want comfortable bottoms that allow you to show off your legs more, then try the JMIERR Men’s Casual Shorts. Apart from the appealing design, their elastic twill fabric offers exceptional breathability and softness. You can confidently wear them to backyard parties, camping, or even to the beach.

They have a tapered silhouette for a polished finish. The front and back pockets have leather labels attached, which give off a premium and elegant look. You can adjust the fit using the long drawstring. Since these shorts are primarily made of cotton, they won’t irritate your skin. You will also experience less chafing.

Who are these for? These shorts like Chubbies are perfect for anyone bold enough to walk the streets showing a little more skin.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They aren’t meant for guys who prefer shorts with longer inseams.

Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane | Sizes Available: S–5XL | Colors Available: 24 | Inseam: 3 inches | Care: Machine wash

man in sunglasses wearing the jmierr casual shorts
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Buying Considerations For Shorts Like Chubbies for Men

Size & Fit

Your shorts should fit snugly around your waist. They shouldn’t feel too tight or loose. If you can score options with drawstrings and belt loops, then you can adjust the fit according to your liking. The inseam length depends more on your preference and height. If you’re under 6 feet, then shorts 7 inches or shorter will look great on you. Naturally, taller guys will benefit more from longer inseams.


Matching the colors of your shorts with other staples will enhance the appearance of your outfits. Light shades of blue or those with colorful prints will give a youthful vibe, perfect for party animals. Black, brown, or even white will add elevated elegance to your attire, which works well if you’re going on a casual date or hanging out with friends.


Your needs will determine the right material for you. If you want pairs that you can comfortably wear with your casual staples, then go for cotton. If you plan to use them for physical exercise or sports, then options made from synthetic fabric like polyester and nylon are stretchy and more durable. They also have moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.

three men in their swimshorts
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How We Chose

Most clothing companies will claim that they can match Chubbies’ quality and build, but they rarely back up their statements with evidence. To ensure that you will get only accurate and valuable information, I chose the best shorts like Chubbies for men using the following criteria:

Purpose: Where will you wear the shorts? Will you use them for exercise or pair them with your other clothes? I selected items that can cater to specific needs and preferences.

Comfort: People wear shorts primarily for comfort. They should have lightweight and breathable fabrics or have functional properties like water resistance. The products I handpicked for this list ensure that each has some of those qualities.

Customer Reviews: The opinions of customers will indicate the quality of the product. I considered their reviews and picked only shorts a majority of users vouched for.

Price: You shouldn’t spend too much on anything — including shorts. I made sure that there was a harmonious balance between quality and price when making this list.

Why Trust Us?

Joe Niehaus is an experienced fashion writer, lifestyle blogger, and product researcher. He has a strong background in men’s clothing and covers similar categories like identifying the best shorts for guys with thick thighs. His expertise equips him with the right knowledge to give tailored recommendations.

His approach to finding the best shorts like Chubbies for men includes studying a product’s features and judging its materials. He also considers customer feedback as real-time testimonials that offer valuable insight that helps people make informed decisions. In turn, his readers will get information to help them find the right shorts to solve their needs.

Final Verdict 

The best shorts like Chubbies for men should have comfortable fits on top of modern and stylish features. The lightweight and breathable build of the Meripex Freeballer Athletic Sport Shorts makes them viable pairs that won’t restrict your movement during any physical activity. Their 8-inch inseam length, durable fabric, and more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon prove that these shorts deserve the top spot on this list.


    • There are tons of brands that have similarities with Chubbies shorts. Some of them are Under Armour, Birddogs, Bearbottom Clothing, and Bonobos.

      • The founders named the shorts Chubbies as a callback to the kind of bottoms and swim trunks dads wore while grilling on the beach. They also mentioned that their company name embodies their principles that they are creating clothes for every man.

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