Mark Ruffalo Has Had Meetings With Kevin Feige About Hulk’s Future, And His Idea Will Thrill Fans


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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves further into a post-Endgame world, there are tons of questions that arise about what’s in store. When it comes to the original Avengers, we know who we will see again or why some will not be back, with the exception of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. Where’s his solo movie, next cinematic appearance or upcoming Disney+ show on the MCU slate?

Now, Mark Ruffalo doesn’t sound opposed to returning to his character by any means, it’s just that there aren’t any plans set in stone yet. The actor has recently teased an upcoming meeting with Marvel Chief Kevin Feige. Here’s what he said:

How exciting! It’s kind of awesome that Kevin Feige and Mark Ruffalo can just casually decide whether or not Hulk will continue participating in the massive comic book universe. Not to mention how the actor has some creative control over his most iconic big screen character. And what ideas does he have cooking? Ruffalo shared this one to Men’s Health:

Whoa! Anyone else hear Hugh Jackman sadly scratching his old claws across a chalkboard in the distance? Because that’s an awesome pitch. Hulk and Wolverine have crossed paths with one another multiple times in the comics throughout the years, including in Wolverine’s comic book debut. They both like getting angry, and it makes for a fun dynamic of heroic brutes. They actually recently teamed up in the three issue comic book series “Hulkverines” earlier this year!

Recently, there have been a few actors rumored to take on Wolverine. Daniel Radcliffe, Keanu Reeves and Taron Egerton are among these names, but they seem to be the product of fan-casting. We’ll have to wait and see what Kevin Feige thinks of Mark Ruffalo’s idea to expand Hulk’s storyline in the future!

The most straightforward place for Mark Ruffalo to appear next might be in the upcoming Disney+ show, She-Hulk. The character also has connections with Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye, who will all be returning in the universe through their own planned movies/TV shows.

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