10 Haircut and Style Trends to Try in 2020


Whether you’re looking for a complete hair overhaul (bowl cut, anyone?) or just want to tweak your style with a fresh fringe, 2020 is all about trying something new with your ’do. We chatted up 10 hairstylists from coast to coast to share their expert take on what will be the most popular haircuts and styles for the upcoming year. From always-in-style bangs to the return of a retro ’70s fave, read on for all the inspo you need to find your new signature hairstyle.

Trend: The Bowl Cut

Celeb inspiration: Charlize Theron

2020 hair trends: Charlize Theron with a dark bowl cut and blonde highlights.
(Photo: Getty)

“In 2019, haircuts went from lobs to bobs and now for 2020 they’re going even shorter,” says Jason Lee, owner of Jason Lee Salon in Toronto. Lee reveals that there’s one style in particular that’s gaining steam: the bowl cut (a.k.a. the mushroom cut). “The last time this cut was in mainstream culture was back in the ’90s when Demi Moore had it in Ghost, but I think even more of an influencer in the ’90s was Josie Bissett who played Jane on Melrose Place,” says Lee. For a modern take on the style, take a cue from Charlize Theron, whose bowl cut recently made its red carpet debut. “What makes Theron’s cut so chic is that it’s undercut which means the sides and back are cut short and the top layer creates that bowl silhouette,” says Lee. Mark Lee’s words: “The bowl cut feels like it’s about to have its moment.”

Trend: Soft Crimped Waves

Celeb inspiration: Joan Smalls

2020 hair trends: Joan Smalls against a light pink background.

Raise your hand if you rocked crimped hair back in the early ’90s. According to Rashida Parris-Russell (Mane Assassin), crimped waves is another retro style that’s going to make a comeback in 2020, but this time around they’re more of a subtle wave instead of the tight kinks from your childhood. To get this look, there’s no need to dig out your old crimper. “Soft waves and crimps can be achieved with a curling iron, triple barrel iron, or braiding the hair to set it and then unbraiding it to achieve a soft bend,” says Parris-Russell. Case in point: check out Joan Smalls’s loose, undone crimps at a recent event.

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Trend: Genderless Haircuts

Celeb inspiration: Kristin Stewart

2020 hair trends: Kristin Stewart with a short pixie cut with blonde highlights.
(Photo: Getty)

“Currently there’s a big movement into genderless haircuts,” says Kiran Gill, partner and stylist at Ponytails + Horseshoes in Edmonton. A haircut is a haircut, it doesn’t matter who it’s on, as long as they feel fabulous, she says. Kristin Stewart and Tilda Swinton are prime examples of this trend, sporting short cuts that aren’t styled to be specifically feminine or masculine. “We’re a proud member of the Dresscode Project (a global network of salons that provide positive, gender-affirming services for the LGBTQ community) and we’re excited to see this trend in hair moving forward into the new year,” says Gill.

Trend: Boho Bangs

Celeb inspiration: Kacey Musgraves

2020 hair trends: Kacey Musgraves in a white dress with long, dark hair and bangs.
(Photo: Getty)

We can’t get enough of bangs and thankfully we don’t have to, because the fringe trend is sticking around for 2020. While baby, curtain and blunt bangs were all spotted on the red carpet recently, Loretta Tom, director at Salon Haze in Vancouver, says that a heavier, more ’60s-esque fringe is the style that will reign supreme next year. “It can be worn smooth, or natural with soft textured ends to give it versatility,” she says. A textured bang adds a quick update to any hairstyle no matter if you wear your hair up or down, adds Tom.

Trend: Hair Accessories

Celeb inspiration: Nicole Richie

2020 hair trends: Nicole Riche in a silky orange headband.
(Photo: Getty)

Delicately adorned hairstyles were *huge* this year and the trend is here to stay for the long run (well at least for 2020), according to Maureen Penner, hairstylist at VQ Salon in Winnipeg. “Adding an accessory is a quick way to add a special touch to your look, even if you didn’t spend much time on your hair,” she says. While barrettes were particularly popular in 2019, look for all types of accessories—from scrunchies, scarves, bows, headbands and more—to be spotted on celebs and street style stars alike in the months to come.

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Trend: French Girl Bob

Celeb inspiration: Aimee Song

2020 hair trends: Aimee Song against a pink background with a textured bob cut, including caramel blonde highlights!
(Photo: Getty)

Say hello to 2020’s version of the lob. “This look is softer than the lob and has a bit more windswept texture for a more modern look,” says Zipora Hunter, a hairstylist at Tidal Hair Lounge in Halifax. Think layers and easy texture that allows for a more laid back vibe, a.k.a. that perfect French girl wake-up-and-go look. The bob haircut almost always makes an appearance every year but just as most colours are becoming less maintenance, this trend proves that the bob is, too, says Hunter.

Trend: Deep Side Part

Celeb inspiration: Kehlani

2020 hair trends: Kehlani with super shiny hair and a deep side part. Her hair looks slick!
(Photo: Getty)

Middle parts were everywhere this year but in 2020 the side part is stepping back into the spotlight. “Make a sleek statement by removing hair from your face with a dramatic, deep side part, it’s a simple way to dress up any look,” says David D’Amours, the Canadian editorial director for Kérastase. The best part about this style is that it works with any hair length and offers a quick hack to change up your look with minimal effort. “This part provides an instant elevation to your outfit making you look chic and put together, while still maintaining a sense of cool,” says D’Amours.

Trend: The Shag

Celeb inspiration: Natasha Lyonne

2020 hair trends: Natasha Lyonne with a shag cut
(Photo: Getty)

Flared jeans and psychedelic prints aren’t the only ’70s trends you’ll be seeing in 2020. One of the biggest cuts of the year is the blast from the past shag. “For someone not wanting to lose their length, the shag is back,” says L.A.- and Toronto-based hairstylist and Dyson ambassador Matthew Collins. This cut has tons of face-framing layers, is super versatile and can be worn with short, medium or long hair. For inspo, Natasha Lyonne and more recently Chrissy Teigen have embraced the iconic, layered style from the ’70s. Hot tip: Collins recommends using a diffuser with your hairdryer when styling your shag as the cut looks best with natural texture.

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Trend: Structured Cuts

Celeb inspiration: Yara Shahidi

2020 hair trends: Yara Shahidi wearing her natural hair in a slightly shaped structure.
(Photo: Getty)

Donning your natural hair texture will continue to be the norm into the next year and beyond, and there’s a cut trend emerging for curly haired gals that goes hand-in-hand with going au naturel. “With curly and kinky hair, you’ll be seeing a lot of structured cuts in 2020,” says Janet Jackson, Maui Moisture hair educator & stylist ambassador. She says that defined shorter styles along with buzz cuts and curls cut into fun shapes will be très populaire next year. “Playing with shapes and cuts that enhance not only your facial features but your natural texture and curl [is essential],” says Jackson. If you’re thinking of rocking a short structured cut, she advises booking an appointment at a salon that specializes in textured hair to ensure you’re getting the right cut for your curls.

Trend: Smooth, Sleek Rounded Blow Outs

Celeb inspiration: Selena Gomez

2020 hair trends: Selena Gomez with a sleek lob that has subtle brunette highlights at the bottom.
(Photo: Getty)

“We’ve been seeing a lot of [beachy waves] in the last few years that 2020 will be about being a bit more polished,” explains Somboun June, owner of Grace Hill Salon in Winnipeg. That means a return to sleek and smooth blow outs à la Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards or Kim Kardashian’s recent stint rocking her smoothed out bob. “Whether your hair is long or short, the look is achieved with a round brush,” says June. To keep the style modern, she recommends that you have a hint of volume at your crown to balance out your ends (no Texas big hair here) and that the finish is smooth with suped up shine.

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