Aviva Reimer To Guest On Rebecca Sounds Reveille Wednesday April 15th, 2020


Help I need to reorganize my….! – There are times where people can feel disorganized in various aspects in their life such as things at work, at home, in relationships, and even internally. The stress from not having things in order can add up and become overwhelming. Searching is one example of a “stressor.”We can find ourselves searching for misplaced items keys to searching for love. There are many things can be “stressors” and the more we avoid them the better. Sometimes though, we need a confidant. We need someone who has been there; we need someone we can trust and can show us some techniques tailored to our individuality that will guide us to success, whatever that success may be for you. Finding someone like this can be difficult, so perk your ears up to the guest on this episode who will share details on life transformation. Are you ready?

 Aviva Reimer is one of Canada’s preeminent authorities on life transformation, relationship building, and matchmaking. She is highly regarded with her effective techniques in “Personal Development,” “Life Coaching,” and “Fitness.” She is certified by the prestigious “Matchmaking Institute of New York.”Aviva has made numerous media appearances, including ET Canada, “The Millionaire Matchmaker” on “Bravo,” as well as writing for “The Huffington Post,” “Zoomer,” and “Viva,” along with many others. She also the author of “Becoming The Total Package, Personal Development & Life Coach,” founder of “Perfect-Fit Elite Lifestyle & Introductions.” 

 Excerpts from this episode: “I literally step into someone’s life and hand-in-hand take them through the journey that they need to go through the right way and help them make the right decisions so that they can also create a better version of themselves. You know not everybody has the confidence, not everybody has the knowledge, or maybe they used to have the knowledge and the knowledge has changed out there, especially when it comes to dating or relationships.” “ …we work together and we make the list together. We make your vision. We create your wish list, everything you probably want in your life, we’re gonna do this together. We’re gonna get you there so we start with the home. We do a complete declutter. “ “…then we start decluttering your relationships and your friendships because that is also part of your environment. Certain people can have a positive impact on you and there’s people who have a very negative effect…” 

 Aviva talked about how to rebuild trust in certain areas. One of the things she shared is that because everything we are involved with impacts how we think and how we live, it then is necessary to declutter even those who are not healthy for our emotional, physical, or psychological well-being. Staying positive and organized are keys to a great life, along with a few others. Tune in and hear more!



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