Scott Page: What Now? (“From The Earth’s 420 Rock N’ Talk Show”)

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The human spirit is slowly navigating through the planet’s unprecedented challenges. There is not a human on Earth who’s life hasn’t changed in one way or another, especially for those in the music industry, which is a tough business to begin with and particularly for those musicians who are accustomed to playing live and often.

One such artist is saxophonist Scott Page from Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto. Page has also toured with artists including Diana Ross, has worked with Quincy Jones and celebrated a Royal Command Performance for Princess Diana. He is currently the founder of the revolutionary, immersive super band Think:EXP with members including Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction, Kenny Olson, iconic guitarist and founder of Twisted Brown Trucker Band, Will Champlin from The Voice, Norwood Fisher from Fishbone, animated guitar and vocalist Derek Day, and sometimes Tony Franklin from The Firm. After gigging live at least three times a week has halted, and having major festivals and concerts cancelled, Page still takes an extraordinary and inspirational stance on society’s destiny…..

Aside from Scott page being a legendary musician, he is also a well-respected and accomplished entrepreneur and technologist who has started companies including Walt Tucker Productions, 7th Level, and the New Media Broadcasting Company to mention a few. Page also celebrates philanthropy including his creation of “The Grand Scientific Musical Theater” benefitting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Watts Conservatory of Music. Additionally, and so important now, he is also a visionary and a spiritualist.

Scott Page and a group of seasoned and legendary musicians, industry icons and business people, will be launching an informative and entertaining on-line series appealing to gigging musicians, music super fans, and young musicians and entertainers everywhere who are in need of inspiration and knowledge…..

How sizable was the effect that the current state of the planet has had on your business Think:EXP?

Think:EXP was completely shut down. Virtually everybody in the entertainment business has been shut down. We had a lot of incredible shows and this was going to be our biggest year yet. We had more shows scheduled for the Wisdome in LA, we were scheduled to play Jazz Fest in New Orleans, we were working on gigs in Budapest, Italy, and all over Europe. It was basically halted completely. We are in pivot mode as is the rest of the industry. 

Do you think it’s all doom and gloom for musicians?

It depends on how you look at it. I believe this is still the greatest time for artists, renaissance. There are a lot of positive things coming out of it. Within all of this there is a complete opportunity. 

What do you feel are some of those opportunities?

I think this is really forcing the artist to think from an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s forcing one of the most important things for artists today which is whoever owns the audience wins. This is a time to gather audience because we’re not playing any gigs. I think that the opportunity stems from what’s happening online today. I think this event is teaching us all how collaborative communications work. It’s forcing artists to rethink their business models because we don’t have live gigs. So, I think we’re going to see a massive Renaissance in people figuring out how to use this new technology to build businesses. I think we’re going to see a major Renaissance of artists figuring out how to bring their art to these new platforms. From that we will build our audience and our business and then start moving back into live entertainment to add to that fan base that has already amassed through running their businesses online. 

I understand you’re launching a series on-line as well. Please explain what you are planning on doing and who will be involved?

Think:EXP is an immersive entertainment company. Much of a life event is basically gone right now so we are focusing on another part of our business, which is our online business. We are basically putting our platform together and starting our first show next week on 4/20, along with From The Earth. From The Earth is anorganization which is focused on teaching and advocating the proper and safe educated use of cannabis, from medical to recreational uses. This is really something important to talk about because it’s not going away. As a society we have to look at how we manage risks and rewards, and what it’s all about. So, we are happy to team up with them. 

It is set to be called “From The Earth’s 420 Rock N’ Talk Show” on From The Earth USA Facebook page at 4:20PM Pacific Time. It is produced by From the Earth and Think:Exp. Think:EXP is bringing the whole band, Stephen Perkins, Kenny Olson, Norwood Fisher, Tony Franklin, Derek Day, and myself. Also hosting is The Moss Man, aka David Moss, the SVP of Development & Operations of From The Earth as well as the President and Co-Founder of the From The Earth Foundation. We will be doing a talk show containing valuable information. We will be inviting our friends on board with special guests. 

What topics will you be discussing?

One of the topics we will be talking about is what we have been discussing, where the opportunities in the entertainment business for artists now lie since there has been such a seismic shift in the way we are going to be serving up Entertainment.  We see all types of new opportunities with online technologies for example VR is getting a big push right now because people are being forced to be home to start using these collaborative technologies. They are starting to realize how satisfying they can actually be. Also, a lot of education is going on. For our first show we have Kenny Aronoff, the world-famous drummer on every record you can imagine. Kenny is also a renowned speaker. We will be bringing him on as well as Mark Geiger who is an American music executive, talent agent and entrepreneur. He is also the co-founder of Lollapalooza and ARTISTdirect, as well as being the head of William Morris Endeavor’s music division.  We will be getting his insights on the industry from his point of view, how things are changing, and where the opportunities are.

What kind is Show is it?

It’s a combination of music, education, topics affecting the entertainment industry, and society. We will also be playing music and presenting memorabilia items, such as historic Pink Floyd videos, kind of like a “show and tell” segment. 

What other topics will you be discussing and who will benefit mostly from this series?

While the show is designed to entertain everyone, the gig economy will benefit greatly. For example, it’s really those people that are living as independent contractors, and the whole AB5 bill. There’s a lot going on with the legal issues regarding the California assembly bill 5. Ari from has a huge audience and has spear headed the fight against AB5. That’s an example of one of the topics. I want to make our show meaningful. 

What is AB5 and how does it affect all the other states in the country and those musicians in those states?

In California any independent contractor which includes Uber drivers, musicians etc., has to become employees. For example, if I do a gig at Killer Shrimp, they can’t give me a check for $100 and 1099 me at the end of the year. Now I have to actually work for them. That turns me into an employee which means that they have to take out workers comp, health insurance, etc. Who is going to do that? It’s going to kill the business because all of the restaurants and clubs aren’t going to be able to afford it. We did a benefit at the Whiskey to support the rejection of AB5 just when this virus thing started. 

How often will the show broadcast?

We will be doing it on a weekly basis, and this will be our first show, and we are very excited.

Watch “From The Earth’s 420 Rock N’ Talk Show” on Monday 4/20/20 at 4:20 PM PT here:

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