Joe Rogan & Post Malone Discuss The Chainsmokers’ Show Controversy


Post Malone recently sat in on Joe Rogan’s podcast, during which they discussed a number of topics for nearly four hours, including The Chainsmokers’ Hamptons concert this past weekend.

Rogan seemed to initially confused why there was so much outrage over the event, until Post made clear to him that fans got out of their cars and were “all standing around,” as opposed to staying in the vehicles. They talked about what the venue did, or was supposed to do, for safety measures, but Post didn’t think the blame should be put on The Chainsmokers for what the crowd did to flaunt the rules.

“It depends on intent, I think,” said Malone. “Are there cars there? Was it a drive-in concert?… that’s not on them if the people got out of the cars.”

“Cuz I know the boys in the group, sweet guys… I think it was a s–tshow that just got out of f–ing hand,” he added.

You can listen to the full discussion on that topic below.

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via Billboard 

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