8 Best Watches For Big Wrists – Proportional Men’s Picks in 2023


Where my big-wristed fellas’ at?

Crap, sorry. I’m nervous. I say stupid stuff when I’m nervous. You see, I’m a thin-wristed lad who’s about to form eight opinions about the best watches for big wrists. But it’s okay because I’ve done my homework. I’ve learned a thing or two about what your special breed of wrist needs from a timepiece, and we’re all going to come out better for it.

To keep things proportional, you’ll need a larger-than-average case. There’s some nuance baked in about the circumference of your wrist, but you should generally set your sights on case diameters of 44mm and up. The height of the case will also help give the appearance of heft and add a more proportional look. Otherwise, just go with what looks and feels right. And tells time.

Bonus points for fast-forwarding straight to these eight hand-picked watches for big wrists.


Key Takeaways 

While plenty of watch companies offer larger case sizes that look proportionate on big wrists, many of them tend to cut things off around the 42mm range. The sweet spot for larger-wristed guys is generally between 44mm and 46mm.

All of my picks are outstanding timepieces with large faces, but the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M watch takes the top slot for its overall aesthetic and outstanding capabilities. But if budget is a consideration, you’ll love the Seiko SRPE93 Prospex 45mm.

Our Top Picks

a diver wearing a Reservoir Hydrosphere watch
reservoirwatch / Instagram

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M

Since 1848, Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega has been producing outstanding timepieces with outstanding reputations to match. But you knew that. And you also knew that a large percentage of Omega’s product line has left you and your ample wrists out in the cold.

Not the Seamaster Planet Ocean—it’s 45.5mm of glorious dive watch heritage. It’s got all the precision, durability, bells, whistles, and aesthetic details you’d expect from Omega. Just with the added benefit of actually looking and feeling great once it’s on your wrist.

Case Size: 45.5mm | Movement: Automatic | Thickness: 18.9mm | Water Resistant: Yes | Material: Stainless Steel

NOMOS Tangente Sport Neomatik 42 Date

The luxury entrant to my list of the best watches for big wrists gets a pass for having a case smaller than 42mm. It has to. Why? Because it’s otherwise too perfect. The design: Bauhaus. The case: adequately sized and fortified like a vault. The water resistance: do your worst, professional divers.

It’s one thing to pay a luxury price for a watch. It’s another to then take a deep dive into what it offers and subsequently question whether you actually paid enough. Put another way: I’d be doing you a great disservice by not taking a knee, bowing my head, and ceremoniously stretching my arms out to present you with the NOMOS Tangente Sport Neomatik 42 Date.

Case Size: 42mm | Movement: Automatic | Thickness: 10.9mm | Water Resistant: Yes | Material: Stainless Steel

Nixon 51-30 Chrono

Even for the large-wristed, yes, there’s still such a thing as an oversized watch. Nixon’s 51-30 Chrono is named after its face size (a whopping 51mm) and its water-resistance rating of 30 ATM.

It comes in 14 colors and designs, but the black on black option is an eye-catching choice for such a formidably-sized timepiece. But looks aside, this is a super functional chronograph watch that’s dive-ready and features a Miyota Japanese Quartz movement and tough-as-nails stainless steel construction.


Case Size: 51mm | Movement: Miyota Japanese Quartz | Thickness: Not Specified | Water Resistant: Yes | Material: Stainless Steel

Seiko SRPE93 Prospex 45mm

If your vast collection of timepieces takes up 92.7% of your luxurious cedar closet, with the other 7.3% going to your rambunctious but lovable marmoset, Ron, kindly see yourself out of this blurb.

If you’re just a dude with a big wrist who wants an affordable watch but also gives enough shits to seek out the best—welcome, friend. I’ve been waiting for you.

And so has the Seiko SRPE93 Prospex 45mm. Catchy name aside, this is a striking timepiece with a large case, reliable automatic movement, and technical functionality for days. It’s one of only a handful of budget-friendly watches capable of delivering at a high level across a range of metrics. Eat your heart out, cedar-closet guy.

Case Size: 45mm | Movement: Automatic | Thickness: 13.4mm | Water Resistant: Yes | Material: Stainless Steel

Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind GMT Chrono Quartz

At the foothills of luxury confidently lies Hamilton. Though the storied watch company’s manufacturing roots are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, its timepieces have been produced in Switzerland since the mid-1970s.

But you didn’t come here for a history lesson. You came here for the Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind’s 46mm case, quartz movement, brown leather strap, and handsome-as-all-hell blue dial that’ll look great next to any outfit. And with a case thickness of 13.75mm, it’s a visual force to be reckoned with—even in comparison with your girth-forward wrist.

Girth-forward? Girth-forward.

Case Size: 46mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: 13.75mm | Water Resistant: Yes | Material: Stainless Steel

Shinola Runwell 47mm

Detroit’s own Shinola has held a special place in my heart since the day it was born in 2011. Do I own a Shinola watch? No. Does that make me and my aspirational wrist fraudulent assholes? Yeah, probably.

But then I take one look at the Runwell 47m, realize that one day it will be mine, and all becomes right with the world. Only I’d go with the Runwell 41mm because, again, small wrist.


Case size aside, you’re working with a reliable quartz movement, durable stainless steel materials, and an understated classic face design. It’s the mid-priced stape timepiece you never knew you needed.

Case Size: 47mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: 10.32mm | Water Resistant: Yes | Material: Stainless Steel

Garmin f?nix 7 Solar

Listen up, smartwatch enthusiasts—this one’s for you and your nerdy wrists. I wouldn’t dare leave you and your active lifestyles out, so please meet the Garmin fenix 7 Solar, its wide selection of large-face options, and its many (many) capabilities.

Run coach. Music streaming. Solar charging. Integrated heart rate monitor. As you might expect from a Garmin, the list of seemingly endless options goes on and on. It’s a safe assumption that you have a general idea of what you’re getting when you add a premium smartwatch to your cart in 2023, and this thing delivers. But where it really shines for you is in its case-size options of 42, 47, and 51mm.

Case Size: 42mm, 47mm, 51mm | Movement: Digital | Thickness: 14.5mm | Water Resistant: Yes | Material: Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

Reservoir Hydrosphere Blue Hole

Founded in 2015, Reservoir is a Swiss luxury watchmaker whose current lineup of timepieces draws inspiration from the measuring instruments of vintage automobiles, aircraft, and dive equipment. The result is a visually stunning, currently trending lineup of unique watches that are bound to become conversation pieces.

As for you and your big wrist, you’d be best served by the Hydrosphere Blue Hole. Its substantial 45mm case is just the right size for larger wrists, and its anti-reflective sapphire crystal blue dial is nothing short of stunning. Another standout feature is the way the time itself is read. The window at the bottom center shows the jumping hour, while the retrograde minutes are displayed on the top third of the dial.

Case Size: 45mm | Movement: Mechanical | Thickness: Not Specified | Water Resistant: Yes | Material: Stainless Steel

a traveler wearing a Nomos Glashuette watch
kire.emit / Instagram

What To Look For In The Best Watches for Big Wrists 

Case Size

The best watches for big wrists typically have case sizes that start at 44mm. It goes up from there, but a typical sweet spot is between 44 and 48mm, depending on the circumference of your wrist. Anything smaller than 44mm risks making your watch look out of proportion with your wrist size.


Diving watches. Chronograph watches. Digital watches. The styles and types of timepieces available to you are staggering. Each design element has a function, and each function creates its own style blueprint on your wrist. The trick is matching the function you need with the style that best suits you.



Even the best watches for big wrists have a few potential drawbacks to consider before you make a purchase. One of the most important factors is how much they weigh. Timepieces with larger cases typically weigh more. If you’re looking for a lighter wrist feel, focus on the weight in your search.

an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono watch behind light bulbs
bigwatch1977 / Instagram

Final Verdict 

Your search for the best watches for big wrists should always begin with case size. For the best, most proportionate look, opt for cases that are 44mm and up. Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M is about as fine a specimen as it gets in regards to form, function, and catering to the big-wristed.


    • It’s all about proportion. If you have a large wrist—typically defined by a circumference of 7 inches or more—you’ll want a watch with a larger case. For the best look, seek out watches with case diameters starting at 44mm.

      • Yes. Watches for large wrists typically start out at 44mm and go up from there. Cases smaller than 44mm risk looking out of proportion on larger wrists.

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