Dr Martens Size Chart + Video – 4 Ways to The Perfect Fit in 2023


When you’re searching for that perfect pair of Doc Martens boots, one tool becomes your best friend: the Dr Martens size chart. Considering, Doc Martens aren’t made in half sizes, it can be very difficult to know exactly what your size is, especially if it’s your first time buying Doc Martens.

Finding the perfect fit isn’t just about style, it’s about comfort and longevity as well, unless you want a painful break-in period or constant blisters, it’s worth getting right. By using this size chart, you are one step closer to striding confidently in boots tailored to your unique measurements.

No two feet are the same, and Dr. Martens understands this, providing a detailed size guide to ensure you find your match. Secure your comfort and elevate your style by reading on to learn my best tips for finding the best fit. Walk with ease, step with style, and embrace the spirit of individuality that Dr. Martens embodies.

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Dr Marten’s Size Chart

First, I’ve included the basic Doc Martens size chart to reference before you implement any of my tips. Keep reading to find my best in-person and at-home methods.

US Men’s Size UK Size EU Size Approx. Foot Length (inches)
6 5 38 9.3
7 6 39 9.6
8 7 41 10
9 8 42 10.3
10 9 43 10.6
11 10 45 11
12 11 46 11.3
13 12 47 11.6
14 13 48 12
15 14 49 12.3

What’s Your Dr Martens Size? How to Find Your Best Fit

Dr Marten 1460

The easiest way to find your perfect size is to refer to the Dr Martens size chart. However, if you live in an area where there is a Doc Martens storefront or one that offers the boots, they’ll have access and understanding of the Doc Martens size chart.

Once you get there, you can try out hopefully a lot of different types of Doc Martens and also see what the perfect fit for you is. You can try different leathers and see which one works for you as well.

You can buy it there, or you can buy it online. Regardless, this method is low hassle and provides immediate reassurance. But what if you don’t have that option? Now what?

2. Measure Your Feet at Home

Person measuring their foot on the floor

I don’t know about you, but in some stores that I’ve been into, there’s this device that they have where you can place your foot within the mechanism and then find out exactly what your size is. This always reminds me of shoe shopping with my mom – ah the good ol days.

Even if you don’t have that device, you can use that concept to measure your feet at home. You can use my method or you can just Google a couple of ways.

There are different ways to measure your feet, but the simplest way that I found is to put the back of your heel towards the edge of a wall, and then measure out to your longest toe (usually your first, big toe). You can get a friend to help measure your foot on the ground or you can make a mark and measure afterwards. Be careful not to use something that will scuff the floor or leave a permanent mark.

Once you get that measurement, you can go onto Doc Martens website (or scroll back up to the Dr Martens size guide I included) and see where your foot size lands. Remember to always round up and if you’re between sizes – size up.

3. Consider Your Foot Width

man talking into a microphone, with an image of a brannock device shown in the corner

Another thing to consider when looking at the Dr Martens size chart is if you have wide feet. Hopefully, at this point in your life, you know based on how your feet fit in other shoes.

If you have wide feet, please, (please!) go get a size bigger. Choosing a size bigger is going to help you out especially when it comes to breaking into and conditioning your Doc Martens. I really advise you, if you have wider feet, to go a size up. It’ll make it easier on you, and you won’t have to complain as much (your friends are thanking me right now).

4. Try on a Friend’s Doc Martens

close up of a person wearing dr martens
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The last way I suggest using the doc martens size guide is if you have a friend, family, or anyone that you know that wears Doc Martens and it’s around your same size, you can ask them if you can try it on.

Depending on how long they’ve had the Doc Martens, sometimes they’ve already stretched it to a point where it fits their feet very nicely, so that can skew the results. But it will give you somewhat of a baseline where you can go from there and decide, ‘Oh, this one is too tight, or is too big. I should go a size up or a size down’ etc. it all helps.

Video: How to find you Dr Martens Size 

Final Verdict

In the end, your journey to find the perfect pair of Dr. Martens boots narrows down to finding the right fit. The Dr Martens size chart serves as your compass in this quest, guiding you toward an investment that assures both style and comfort for years to come. Hopefully, this guide helped steer you towards the right purchase.

Remember, using the size chart is an integral part of this process. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be part of the storied lineage of Dr. Martens wearers. With the right fit, your boots will walk with you through years of fashion, durability, and comfort.

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