Kesha and Dr. Luke Settle Defamation Lawsuit After Decade-Long Legal Battle


Kesha and Dr. Luke Settle Defamation Lawsuit After Decade-Long Legal Battle

Dr. Luke sued Kesha for defamation in 2014 after the singer accused the producer of sexually assaulting her

Kesha Dr. Luke

Kesha, Dr. Luke (Getty Images)

Kesha and Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald have settled a long-running legal battle that began after the singer, in October 2014, accused the producer of sexually assaulting her in 2005. The musicians announced the resolution with a joint statement. Find their remarks below.

In October 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke in a California state court. In the lawsuit, Kesha alleged that the producer sexually assaulted, battered, and harassed her in 2005. She also asked to have her contract with Dr. Luke’s label, Kemosabe Records, voided. Immediately following Kesha’s lawsuit, Dr. Luke sued Kesha in New York for defamation—the lawsuit that remained standing until today.

In the original complaint, Dr. Luke and his lawyers wrote: “As part of the effort to get out of the Gottwald Recording Agreement, Kesha and [her mother, Pebe Sebert] have also orchestrated a campaign of publishing false and shocking accusations against Gottwald to extort Plaintiffs into letting Kesha out of the Gottwald Recording Agreement.”

In 2016, Kesha dropped her California lawsuit in order to continue pursuing legal action in New York. The following year, she released Rainbow, her first album since the lawsuits were filed. The album was released via RCA Records and Kemosabe Records, as Kesha had been unable to get out of her contract. Kesha did not, however, have to work with Dr. Luke on the full-length.

The defamation lawsuit took many twists and turns over the course of its nearly nine years. Notably, for much of the case, Dr. Luke was not considered to be a public figure, meaning that he had a lower bar to clear in order to prove that Kesha defamed him. Just last week, New York’s highest state court ruled that Dr. Luke would, indeed, have counted as a public figure for the purposes of the case.

Kesha and Dr. Luke have agreed to a resolution of the lawsuit, and have agreed to issue and post a joint statement regarding that resolution. In resolution of that lawsuit, Kesha and Dr. Luke each state the following.


“Only God knows what happened that night. As I have always said, I cannot recount everything that happened. I am looking forward to closing the door on this chapter of my life and beginning a new one. I wish nothing but peace to all parties in involved.”
– Kesha

“While I appreciate Kesha again acknowledging that she cannot recount what happened that night in 2005. I am absolutely certain that nothing happened. I never drugged or assaulted her and would never do that to anyone. For the sake of my family, I have vigorously fought to clear my name for nearly 10 years. It is time for me to put this difficult matter behind me and move on with my life. I wish Kesha well.”
– Dr. Luke

This article was originally published on Thursday, June 22, at 2:46 p.m. Eastern. It was last updated on June 22 at 3:22 p.m. Eastern.

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