Charting New Music Territory: A PermanentShadow’s New Single Hits the Airwaves


There is a special kind of magic in songs that spring from the most unexpected sources. For artists, sometimes the best creations are those originally intended for a different purpose. These unplanned treasures often possess an authentic essence that resonates with listeners. CP Fletcher of A Permanent Shadow has penned a song that is an example of this concept. Through the winding journey of life and emotions,
Fletcher discovered and honed an extraordinary piece: “A Xmas Gift in May.”

Initially conceived as a private gift, this song eventually became a heartfelt expression of romance. The song’s backstory is intriguing; Fletcher composed the track in 2021, initially titled “Black Lolita.” It was dedicated to a fleeting and tumultuous romance. As Fletcher revisited the song, the potency of the emotions captured within it was undeniable. He decided to share this piece, hoping that the audience would connect with the genuine sentiments embodied in the song. “A Xmas Gift in May” stands out due to its blend of classic and contemporary elements. The track alludes to 60s pop, particularly reminiscent of tracks like “All You Need Is Love,” but executed with modern production techniques. The rhythmic backbone of the song is consistent, and the instrumentation effectively complements the emotional fabric of the lyrics.

There’s an interesting twist to the release. Fletcher teamed up with Valen Nieto, a seasoned collaborator, to produce a remix of the song. The remix takes a retro turn, borrowing from 80s Italo Disco. It’s a throwback, and yet, it feels fresh. Along with the original and the remix, an intimate version with just piano and lead vocals is part of the release. This stripped-down rendition allows the listener to delve into the raw emotion that Fletcher initially set out to capture.
However, fans should not expect this single to be a part of A Permanent Shadow’s upcoming album, No Leaf Clover. The album takes a divergent thematic direction. While “A Xmas Gift in May” is rich in romance, the LP is set to explore darker, more somber themes. Consequently, the single is being released independently.

No Leaf Clover will be A Permanent Shadow’s third album, following Songs of Loss (2019) and Humdrum (2022). Fletcher is the constant driving force behind the project, with support from the multi-instrumentalist Nieto and keyboardist Albert Català. There’s more in store from A Permanent Shadow. The ensemble is diligently working on an EP that consists exclusively of cover songs, showcasing their ability to reinterpret and breathe new life into existing works. They are also engaged in brainstorming sessions for their fourth album. The current focal point, however, is undoubtedly the new single, which is expected to create its fair share of noise while fully engaging listeners.

“A Xmas Gift in May” is an honest and emotionally rich single. It has the duality of a classic and contemporary sound, and its genesis from a personal emotional space adds a layer of authenticity. It’s always intriguing when artists share something deeply personal – even if that’s not at all what they originally intended. Fortunately, with therelease of “A Xmas Gift in May,” CP Fletcher has let the rest of us in on his sweet and
soulful secret.

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