Quiz: Take An Art Workshop And Get A Comic Recommendation


There are usually two types of people who take a workshop: people who want to improve their technique and people who want to learn a new thing altogether.

As someone who enjoys being creative but isn’t exactly that good at creating art, I have discovered that workshops are a great way to find out that we are, in fact, a lot better at art than we give ourselves credit for. After all, who hasn’t seen a piece of art and thought: I could have done that. But, alas, we haven’t done it, probably because we figured we couldn’t, or there was no point to it.

Art is subjective, and creating it doesn’t have to be a challenge. It can simply be a way to try new things and give ourselves the benefit of the doubt, to prove to ourselves that, yes, anyone (really, anyone) can create art in their own way.

In the end, art is about wanting to make something new with our own hands, even if it’s not something that will take someone else’s breath away. Even if it’s just something to help us stay sane. Masterpieces may be few and far between, but art is in so many things we see and experience daily!

So here is my proposition: do you like art? Do you like reading? Do you like comics? Take an imaginary art workshop in the quiz below and get a comic recommendation.

Want all the graphic novel and comic recommendations without having to take the quiz several times? Check the other recommendations at the end of this post.

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