The Lake Law Firm Advocates Against Firefighting Foam’s Health Risks and Pursues Justice for Victims by Madison Newman

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For decades, firefighting foam has been an integral part of fire suppression efforts by firefighters, the military, and airports. However, firefighting foam contains a dangerous class of resilient chemicals, allegedly causing workers and citizens to develop cancer and other severe medical conditions.

Firefighting foam gained popularity over traditional water-based methods because it forms a thick blanket when applied, which helps to smother the fire. But the effectiveness of firefighting foam comes at a price, as companies have used per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a group of synthetic chemicals known for their persistence in the environment and potential adverse health effects.

When released into the environment through firefighting foam, PFAS can contaminate water sources, soil, and even food. Studies have connected these chemicals to various health problems, including an increased risk of certain cancers, like bladder and prostate cancer. Their ability to accumulate in the body over time raises concerns about the impacts of long-term exposure for firefighters, workers, and the public.

“Manufacturers have had years to explore alternative ingredients for firefighting foam, yet they continued to use PFAS,” said Michael Blom, Esq., a partner at The Lake Law Firm and a leading mass tort attorney. “The persistence of PFAS means the devastating health effects of these chemicals could haunt communities for years to come.” 

Although the Navy and the Department of Defense released several reports citing the toxic effects of firefighting foam as far back as the 1970s, manufacturers neglected to remove PFAS from their products. Lawsuits allege the failure to address PFAS in firefighting foam is responsible for cancer diagnoses nationwide, and the subsequent public health and environmental devastation was preventable.

The Lake Law Firm is assisting individuals in filing lawsuits against companies that have manufactured firefighting foam with PFAS. Unfortunately, PFAS linger in the environment for long periods, so communities will likely struggle with the ramifications of firefighting foam for years to come. By pursuing legal action, plaintiffs strive to hold the responsible companies accountable, seek compensation for the victims’ suffering, and drive industry-wide changes to prevent future PFAS pollution caused by firefighting foam.

Founded by renowned personal injury attorney Edward J. Lake, Esq., The Lake Law Firm protects those injured by the negligence of others. Through its impressive team of highly skilled attorneys, the firm has realized its mission to support victims of hazardous drugs, dangerous medical devices, and other defective products. With a proven history of success across several case types, the firm continues to advocate for individuals in growing litigation, like firefighting foam. 

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