7 Best Vitamins for Beard Growth – Added Help For Men in 2023


If you’re a fella into facial manes, there’s little doubt that you aspire to grow a mighty beard. But, as I know all too well, those pesky thin patches can really derail your beard styling aspirations.

Whether you want a stubbly Jason Statham-style shadow, a Jason Malmoa face mane or anything in between, keeping those follicles nice and healthy is essential. Cue beard growth vitamins.

The best vitamins for beard growth contain a magic melting pot of ingredients designed to boost testosterone levels, stimulate follicle growth, and make your facial hair shine bright. These supplements are quick, convenient, and really deliver beard-boosting goods (bye-bye, patchy beard).

But with so many beard growth vitamins out there on the market claiming to work miracles, how do you know which ones to trust? Well, I’m going to tell you right now.

Read on to discover my rundown of the best vitamins for beard growth.

Key Takeaways

For style-conscious gents, beards can be just as important as a good haircut. Much like when you’re looking to invest in the right beard wax or butter, you should consider your budget as well as your personal preferences when choosing supplements.

If you’re looking for a well-priced all-rounder, Fresh Heritage’s tangy cherry gummies are our overall best vitamins for beard growth.

For treating sensitive facial skin and repairing damaged beard hair follicles, AICHIN’s vitamin-packed growth oil is your best bet. If you’re on a bit of a budget but you want a quality product, Beard Club’s epic growth spray is what you need.

Our Top Picks

man with a very long beard
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Fresh Heritage Beard Hair Regrowth Gummies

As our overall best vitamins for beard growth, these delicious gummy supplements from Fresh Heritage tick all the essential boxes.

With droves of four- and five-star ratings, many beard-loving gents can vouch for these vitamins’ follicle-boosting abilities and epic cherry taste. Packed with vitamin A, biotin, and a mix of additional follicle-boosting ingredients, one gummy a day will help you fill your beard out while keeping your skin healthy.

Oh, and the reasonable price point means you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck.

Type: Gummy | Vegan: Yes | Flavor: Cherry | Unit Count: 60

Beard Club Beard Growth Vitamin Spray

If you’re on a bit of a budget but need something that will go the extra beard-boosting mile, this punchy little vitamin spray will deliver the goods.

An excellent way of fighting a patchy beard and dry skin, this all-natural lavender-scented beauty will absorb directly into your follicles to enrich your skin with pantothenic acid and biotin.

After a couple of weeks of regular use, you will reap the rewards of healthier skin and a thicker, healthier, fuller beard. Considering the wallet-friendly price, this is a real gem of a beard growth product.

Type: Spray | Vegan: Yes | Scent: Lavender | Unit Count: 2.8oz

Maxx Beard Beard Growth Vitamins for Men

As one of Amazon’s top choices, this supplement from Maxx Beard is a proud addition to my best vitamins for beard growth hot list.

Packed with 28 beard-boosting properties, including a huge hit of biotin and the brand’s very own patented OptiMSM ingredient, this powder-based supplement is perfect if you want to achieve better beard growth and coverage while making your beard hair shine.

With an average rating of around four stars on Amazon, it’s clear that many beard enthusiasts are pleased as punch with this epic supplement.

Type: Powder | Vegan: Not Specified | Flavor: None | Unit Count: 90 portions

bottle of Hollis Nutrition beard growth

If your beard is already one of your dreams, these great pills will help you put a little more pep into it. Designed to grow stronger longer beard hairs with more luster and shine, these can easily be your ‘secret weapon’ when people ask you how you keep your beard so nice.

Fortified with a balanced mix of natural ingredients, these supplements will make your beard fuller, thicker, and shinier without messing with those all-important male hormones.

While these face-mane-enhancing bad boys don’t seem to be too pricey, the bottle only comes with 60 capsules and recommends two daily, which means you’re looking at another $20+ monthly expense.

Type: Pills | Vegan: No | Flavor: None | Unit Count: 60

Aichun Beard Growth Oil

If you have sensitive skin and suffer from damaged follicles, this vitamin E packed serum from Aichun is made to hydrate facial skin and absorb deeply to revive damaged beard hair follicles.

A drop or two of this magic stuff goes a long way and claims to provide the perfect itch-free foundation for a thick, manly beard and mustache.

Many fellas who’ve used this vitamin serum have reported healthier skins and beards—plus a head-turning scent infused with ginger, rosemary, and grapefruit. Woof.

Type: Serum | Vegan: Yes | Scent: Ginger & Rosemary |  Unit Count: 1.01oz

Wild Willies Beard Growth Gummies

Aside from the epic brand name, these tasty little vitamin-packed gummies are designed to help you get the fuller, thicker facial mane of your dreams. Packed with biotin and caffeine, these are one of the best gummies for faster, fuller beard growth on the market.

One of the most striking properties of these tastebud-tingling supplements is the fact that they also contain ingredients to make your beard hair softer—perfect if you have stands tougher than an old wire brush.

As an added bonus, these beard growth vitamins also come with a beard growth spray for added face mane-boosting excellence.

Type: Gummy | Vegan: Yes | Flavor: Berry Blast | Unit Count: 60

BBS GROW Maximum XXL Hair & Beard Growth Oil

If you have a particularly thin beard and you’re also looking for a fuller hairline, this all-natural vitamin-crammed liquid from BBS is offering you up to 218% better hair growth.

Infused with follicle-boosting ingredients like Jamaican castor oil, vegan squalane, and peppermint essential oil, this is a fine addition to my best vitamins for beard growth list.

A few drops of these distributed throughout your beard will help you boost long-term growth while making you smell ultra-manly—it’s a win-win.

Type: Liquid | Vegan: Yes | Scent: Berry Alpha | Unit Count: Unspecified

man with a full short beard
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What To Look For In The Best Vitamins For Beard Growth


First of all, when you’re searching for a beard growth vitamin that suits your needs, looking at the ingredients list is essential. Like a beard wash or any other kind of men’s hair product, each ingredient offers its own set of follicle-boosting properties.

If you’re looking to accelerate your beard growth while making your hair thicker, for instance, biotin will help you achieve your man mane-boosting goals.

If you want to make the skin underneath your beard healthier, for example, getting a supplement with vitamin C is your best bet. Do your research and you’ll make the right choice.

Skin type

The best vitamins for beard growth will contain ingredients that suit every type of skin or beard-growing aspiration. But if you have more particular skincare needs when it comes to beard growth, choosing something a little more niche is advised.

If you have sensitive or irritable skin, there are beard growth supplements out there that will help you tackle the issue. As a general rule of thumb, collagen-rich supplements containing additions like horsetail extract will work wonders for dry, sensitive, or irritable skin.


While most growth vitamins come in tablet form, some are a lot like beard growth oils. Although less common, you can apply these liquid elixirs directly to your beard and let them absorb into the follicles.

If taking tablets isn’t really your thing, top-quality liquid beard vitamins and gummies do exist. So consider your personal preference and take your pick.

man applying a beard growth oil
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Final Verdict

The right vitamin supplements will complement any solid beard oil or balm. With a soft texture, a moreish cherry flavor, and a well-rounded mix of vitamins that promote thicker, fuller, and healthier beard growth, Fresh Heritage gummies are our overall best vitamins for beard growth.


    • Biotin is one of the most effective ingredients for accelerating beard growth while making the hair itself thicker and fuller (Cousin It, eat your heart out). But the best vitamins for beard growth will generally contain a mix of Zinc along with vitamins A, C, and D as well.

      • Beard vitamins are designed to enhance existing beard hair while enriching facial skin, and stimulating the follicles. In that sense, they’re a convenient and effective way of making your beard fuller and healthier. Combined with the right men’s grooming and skincare regime, beard growth vitamins will help you achieve as well as maintain a healthier facial mane.

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