I Rewatched Fools Rush In And This One Detail Changed How I Viewed The Movie


Fools Rush In is one of those romantic comedies that helped develop my love for the genre. I saw it many times as a child and teen. However, like many movies I loved when I was younger, I haven’t seen it in a while. Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek’s chemistry always made this a charming movie and a must-watch for me. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see them team up for another movie, like many other great on-screen pairings. A Fools Rush In sequel about their daughter in the style of Father of the Bride could have been amazing.

With the recent passing of Matthew Perry, I wanted to rewatch the movie because I always considered it one of his best roles. It’s my favorite movie starring him, Fools Rush In not only reminded me how great Salma Hayek and he are in it — both for their comedy prowess and chemistry —, but I noticed that the movie presents a concept that I didn’t originally notice. 

It proposes the idea that Isabel and Alex are fated to be together. Let me explain. 

Warning Fools Rush In spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution. 

Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry in Fools Rush In

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It’s A Movie About Destiny 

In their first conversation, Isabel talks about her belief in destiny. Alex isn’t convinced but it seems like Fools Rush In spends the rest of the film supporting Isabel’s theory. From their meeting to their second wedding it can all trace back to the idea that they were fated to meet and end up together. Even Alex’s company moving him from Japan to Las Vegas all ties back to the idea that everything that happened before and after they met led them to each other. Even Isabel ending her relationship seems to be a sign that it is their time to be together. 

Some of the great rom-coms play with the idea of two characters destined to be together. It’s a classic romantic comedy theme. Nevertheless, Fools Rush In is a little more subtle about this concept. It isn’t until the end of it that it knocks you over the head with the idea of destiny, especially when it comes to Alex and Isabel’s love story. 

Matthew Perry in Fools Rush In

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They’re Pulled Toward Each Other After First Meeting 

Alex and Isabel meet and have this magical first night. It’s a night that pushes them away from their norm and allows them to behave out of character. Later, Isabel tries to cut ties with Alex only to return to him to let him know that she’s pregnant. The universe pushes them together, whether they choose to ignore it or not. 

The title of the movie implies that they’re being reckless for moving so quickly by getting married and having a child. And that’s how my younger self viewed it, but now it feels like they were just succumbing to what was supposed to happen. They fulfilled their destiny by taking a chance on their love story. Also, taking a chance on love comes with some foolish decisions. That’s part of its magic. 

Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek in Fools Rush In

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Alex And Isabel Make It Work Despite Cultural Differences 

A lot of the humor in Fools Rush In comes from the clash of cultures between Isabel and Alex. She’s a free-spirited Mexican-American woman living in Las Vegas. He’s a by-the-book white man living in New York. They are very different people. This becomes even more clear with how they interact with each other’s families. 

Their different cultures create some obstacles, especially for Alex, but eventually, he learns to love and embrace her culture. Her family (mostly) also welcomed him with open arms. Later, his family begins to accept her as his wife. Fools Rush In shows that even if a couple has a lot of differences, they can make it work if they’re destined to be together. 

 Destiny trumps cultural clashes.  

Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek in Fools Rush In

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The Obstacles Make Them Stronger As A Couple And As People

Alex and Isabel have many conflicts throughout their relationship. The major one is deciding to live in New York or Las Vegas. At first, these issues begin to create problems in their marriage, but they eventually make their union stronger. First, Isabel agrees to move to New York for Alex. By the end of the film, Alex agrees to live in Las Vegas for her. Compromise becomes the key to their happiness. 

The couple shows that they’re both scared of love. They’re both worried about completely giving themselves to each other. However, Isabel teaches Alex what it truly means to love someone and the importance of family. He grows into a better person because of her. 

Isabel also talks about her fears of loving Alex completely. However, she lets go of those doubts by the end of the movie. He becomes more carefree because of her and she becomes more bold with her heart because of him. Fools Rush In argues that if you’re meant to be with someone, you can overcome the obstacles. They will become a strength in the relationship 

Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek in Fools Rush In

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All The Signs At The End Pointing Him Back To Her 

Fools Rush In goes full force on the idea of destiny at the end. Alex sees so many signs leading him back to Isabel, including the little girl who shares her name. Alex doesn’t believe in signs at the start of the movie, but he uses them as an excuse to find the woman he loves. 

If you subscribe to Isabel’s way of thinking, these are signs sending him back to her.

Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry in Fools Rush In

(Image credit: Columbia Pictures)

Their Worst Fears Happen And They Still End Up Together 

Isabel fears Alex leaving her, so she pushes him away. In many ways, I think Alex fears becoming like his best friend and getting a divorce. They both fear completely giving themselves to someone and getting hurt. All their fears come true but they still end up together. They are destined.

One can also argue that Fools Rush In also showcases that destiny and fate are only concepts. If you believe you’re meant to be with someone, you make it work no matter what. You don’t need signs to prove it. 

Fools Rush In is one of Salma Hayek’s best roles and a great film to watch as a romantic comedy and tribute to Matthew Perry.

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