Jimmy Kimmel Busts Trump For Playing Dumb

Jimmy Kimmel Busts Trump For Playing Dumb

Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that Trump likes to brag about acing his cognitive test, but when he was asked about the E. Jean Carroll and fraud verdicts, he played dumb.

Kimmel played a clip of Trump pretending like he didn’t know what was going on with spending campaign contributions to cover legal fees and said, ” I didn’t do anything wrong. That’s been proven, as far as I’m concerned.”

Kimmel responded,  “Yeah. As far as the court is concerned, you did do something wrong. And that’s going to cost you around $83 million. I see what he’s doing. He’s like that mob boss who pretended to be crazy by wandering around in a bathrobe. He’s Vinny the chin.”

Jimmy Kimmel later said about Trump blaming AI for the red spots on his hands, “Uh-huh, that’s right. A.I. In this case, A.I. Stands for an infection. I feel like A.I. Is going to become his excuse for everything now. We have a recording of you having sex with a honey baked ham. That’s A.I. I guess we’re supposed to believe he didn’t notice five big red spots on his hands? Put that photo back up. Even when he is literally caught red-handed he won’t admit it.”


It is funny how Trump always brags about how he aced a cognitive test, but suddenly can’t remember anything when asked if he is bilking his donors out of $5o million to pay his legal fees. One minute Trump is challenging Nikki Haley to a cognitive test. The next minute he has no idea about anything, including the red spots on his hand.

Trump’s playing a game with the American people and hoping that they don’t catch on to his act, but Jimmy Kimmel caught on and he is showing the rest of the country that he is either losing his mind or trying to hide a life of corruption.

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