Next-Level Shaving Awaits: 2024’s Best Safety Razors Men Will Wish They Tried Sooner

Next-Level Shaving Awaits: 2024’s Best Safety Razors Men Will Wish They Tried Sooner

The best safety razors make me think of the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” They’re the sharks of the men’s grooming world, a piece of equipment that hasn’t evolved much in over 100 years. Sure, there have been plenty of advancements in shaving, but the original-style razor is still available because it’s still one of the best you can get.

What makes the safety razor special is its ease of use for men who shave regularly. If you’re going after thin to heavy stubble, these work like a dream. Keep in mind that if you take one of these to a big beard, you’re going to be there a while. There is also a learning curve (a pretty sharp one), but with the right safety razor, you’ll be a shaving pro soon enough.

An added bonus is that safety razors are great for the environment, too. No more clogging up the earth with disposable razors and plastic interchangeable heads. With the best safety razor for men, all you need to replace is the easily recyclable stainless-steel blades.

However, there are tons of options, and the last thing you want is a crappy safety razor (trust me). So, I did the heavy research and created this guide for you. Check it out and rest easy, knowing your new razor will give you a smooth shave (as long you avoid common shaving mistakes).

Key Takeaway 

For those embarking on the quest for the perfect safety razor, the journey can seem daunting. After sifting through countless options, customer feedback, and expert advice, the consensus is clear: the King C. Gillette Safety Razor stands out as the best overall safety razor. This razor earns its top spot due to its balanced design, ease of use for both beginners and experienced users, and its ability to deliver a precise shave without irritation, making it a favorite among a wide range of users??.

When choosing a safety razor, several key considerations come into play. Handle length and material, blade type, and the specific needs of your skin and hair type are crucial factors to think about. For those with sensitive skin or unique grooming requirements, the adjustable settings of razors like the Bevel Safety Razor offer a customizable shaving experience, catering to the finest of details. Whether you’re a novice or a grooming connoisseur, these selections promise to elevate your shaving game to new heights.

Next-Level Shaving Awaits: 2024’s Best Safety Razors Men Will Wish They Tried Sooner
rockwellrazor / Instagram

Gillette King Safety Razor

Why it’s great: If you want the best safety razor, it’s not a bad plan to go with the double-edged beauty that started it all. The formula hasn’t changed much since they released it in 1903, and that’s because it hasn’t had to. There definitely have been some handy innovations in safety razors since their inception, but are those bells and whistles really necessary? No, not really. This pick is also one of the more wallet-friendly options on this list. It isn’t the cheapest, but it isn’t the most expensive either. For around $30 (sometimes it goes on sale for as low as $10), it does a great job at getting you the daily or semi-daily shave you’re after.

How to use it: This blade is fairly long and has a pretty heavy head, so it does a good amount of the work for you as you shave. It’s also a closed comb, so it will be a nice, close shave but shouldn’t cut you. Gillette has been making some of the best razors and shaving innovations for years, but they still impressed me with this particular option.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Unless you break this razor, there isn’t much reason why it shouldn’t last you a lifetime (although, like life, there are no guarantees). However, the standard blades that come with it are good but could be a little thicker and sharper – like I said, it will get the job done, but there are other blades out there (like the Astra Superior Platinum) that may give you a more enjoyable shave. Of course, many different blades work with this razor, so it’s an easy issue to remedy.

Handle Length: 4 in | Type: Screw-on | Double Edge: Yes

Rockwell Shave Kit

Why it’s great: If you’re looking to invest in a new safety razor or looking to make the switch (finally), it’s worth making the investment to get the full package. While there are many good options out there to mix and match, you can often save more money buying everything together. What makes this package especially worth it is the brush and shaving cream inclusion, these extra pieces will really ensure your shave is as enjoyable as possible.

How to use it: Of course, the shining star of this kit is the 6C Gunmetal razor from Rockwell. This safety razor features a ‘twist-to-open’ mechanism that makes it incredibly easy to change out the blades. It also features an adjustable shave setting, so you can set your get your perfect shave every time.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The price may be an inhibitor for you, while you are getting some bang for your buck, as they say, it’s still much more expensive than other options you may look at.

Pro-Tip: Rockwell’s adjustable shave settings make it easier for beginners to get into the game and skip the nicks and learning curve.

Handle Length: 3.5 in | Type: Twist-to-open, adjustable shave| Double Edge: Yes | Kit Includes: Razor, Extra Blades, Shave Cream, Shaving Brush

Vikings The Chieftain Safety Razor

Why it’s great: Don’t be embarrassed; even the most advanced safety razor master began somewhere. If you’re a beginner, this is one of the best safety razors around. Clumsy guys, this is great for you too. There’s no shame in having low finger dexterity.

How to use it: This is a light double-edged razor, so it’s closer to the weight of pharmacy razors than other safety razors. That way, it should feel a little more familiar for beginners. The angle is also less aggressive than others, so even if your form isn’t great, you’ll be less likely to cut yourself.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It’s a winning feature that this safety razor is lighter than others, but you may notice they’ve marketed this product specifically to women. I think that, ultimately, the shave from this razor is unisex, but there are lots of others on this list targeting men directly if that’s important to you. Additionally, once you’ve mastered the art of using a safety razor, you may want to purchase another razor to fit your unique shaving style.

Handle Length: 3.5 in | Type: Butterfly | Double Edge: Yes

Bevel Single Blade Safety Razor

Why it’s great: Bevel is a black-founded safety razor company founded on the idea that safety razors should be appealing to men of all hair types. Bevel’s blades are positioned as close to the skin as possible, so they do away with any ingrown hair, razor bumps, and razor burns.

How to use it: These safety razors were designed with coarse and curly-haired men in mind, so you know they’ll work just as well on any other hair type. If you’re tired of sensitive skin holding you back from a truly clean shave, why not pick up the best safety razor made especially for that? Even Gilette acknowledged it prevents irritation better than their multi-blades. That probably says more than I ever could.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Like with any screw-on safety razor, there’s a chance you’ll strip the threading if you continue to over-tighten when you change the blades. Considering this product is more expensive than others on this list, it’s a little annoying that it can be stripped so easily. However, if you’re aware of this from the get-go, it should help the razor last much longer.

Handle Length: 4 in | Type: Screw| Double Edge: Yes

Derby Extra Razor Blades

Why it’s great: For beginner to medium-skilled shavers, Derby Extra is top-notch. They come with a chromium ceramic platinum tungsten and polymer coat, which is just as impressive as it sounds. Thanks to those fancy words, it’s meant to provide a smoother shave for longer.

How to use it: This edge is also sharp enough for sensitive skin. That means it’s pretty damn sharp. Keep in mind, even though they’re beginner-friendly, they can still mess you up if you don’t respect this blade.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It’s also not quite sharp enough for coarse and curly hair, though. So, if that’s you, check out slightly sharper blades, like Wilkinson Sword Classics.

Handle Length: N/A | Type: N/A | Double Edge: Yes

Leaf Twig Safety Razor

Why it’s great: Tracking down the best safety razor with a single edge isn’t easy, but I think this option will live up to the hype. The truth is, there aren’t that many great options out there (after all, most safety razors are double-edged). But the Twig is somewhere between the plastic razors you’re used to and the classic shave of an old-fashioned safety razor.

How to use it: It works just as well as its double-sided kin (better than most, actually) and comes with all the benefits of a typical safety razor. Beginners will enjoy the light heft and pivoting head, too. It’s not quite as good for beginners as the Viking Chieftain, but it will still make a great first razor.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The overall feel of the handle is a little more awkward than others. I didn’t love the deep grooves, personally. But performance is the key here, and if you’re looking for something with a sharp shave, I’ve got no complaints there.

Handle Length: 4 in | Type: Magnetic Slide-in Blade | Double Edge: No

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Why it’s great: Shaving your dome with a safety razor is absolutely not for the faint of heart. You can very easily end up with a scarred-up head instead of a sexy haircut. If you do use a safety razor to shave your head like an old-school western badass, a short handle is best for the job. They’re easier to maneuver, and you’ll be able to get the curves and difficult areas easier than with a longer handle.

How to use it: The Edwin Jagger brand has been among the best safety razors for men in the UK since 1988. And the short-handled, knurled version of their fan-favorite safety razor doesn’t fall short. By the way, knurled means it has a bunch of little ridges and bumps for grip. Now, we’ve both learned a new word.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Like any new-to-you product there’s a learning curve, the heft and short handle on this one may take some time to get used to, if you’ve only ever used multi-blade razors.

Handle Length: 3 in | Type: Screw-on Blade | Double Edge: Yes

Weishi Butterfly Adjustable Safety Razor

Why it’s great: This matte black beauty of a razor also happens to be adjustable. WEISHI isn’t a well-known company, and they don’t have a cool name (in my humble opinion), but that didn’t stop them from making an awesome piece of equipment.

How to use it: This safety razor has a knob on the base of the razor you can twist to adjust the height of the razor head. That way, you can change the length you want your beard to be. It also has a great grip and butterfly blade system, so this safety razor is good for beginners. And it just flat-out looks cool.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: There are two sides to every coin, I hope, and this razor is no exception. While the adjustable blade angle is super cool, it also adds another layer of learning and expertise. Additionally, I didn’t love that the feeling of the opening mechanism at the bottom of the handle. It feels a little loose like it could open while shaving. But for the price, it could be worth the novelty of this adjustable razor.

Handle Length: 4 in | Type: Butterfly | Double Edge: Yes

Parker 22R Safety Razor

Why it’s great: Parker has been a trusted safety razor brand since 1973. If they made it this far, you know they have some good stuff. There are tons of Parker razors, but the 22R is my pick for the best safety razor with a butterfly-loading mechanism. That makes it much easier to install new blades without nipping your fingertips bloody.

How to use it: Parker’s safety razors, like others, have a hefty feel to them, so you can let gravity help while you’re shaving to prevent less tugging and pulling. The butterfly opener is located at the bottom of the handle but feels secure while you’re shaving, so you don’t have to worry about a mid-flight departure.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The handle is versatile enough to work for most guys, but the blade angle is a little aggressive. If this is your first time, you might want to look elsewhere. But those spirals make it look damn sexy for a razor, don’t they?

Handle Length: 3 in | Type: Butterfly | Double Edge: Yes

Buying Considerations for Safety Razors


When choosing the best safety razor for men, the size of the razor is always important. Well, not the razor blade itself. More like the handle. A short handle is easier for maneuvering through tight areas or tough angles like heads or angular jawlines.

Longer handles are better for shaving your cheeks, neck, and body since they’re easier to grip and add a little weight to the blade. The heavier it is, the less pressure you need to use on long strokes. By the way, when I say body, I don’t mean below the belt. I don’t want anybody giving themselves a vasectomy because they read this article. Stick to pube trimmers for that.


The best safety razor for men is useless without a blade. It makes a huge difference in the shave you’ll get. But remember, the blades have a more aggressive angle and are much easier to cut yourself. Your choices are double-sided or single-sided blades. Double-sided blades have been used since 1903 because they work so well. You can still find single-sided safety razors, but a decent one like LEAF is hard to come by.

Options like Vikings Blade are more suited for beginners, thanks to the cut being less angled. Keep in mind that wet shaving (i.e., shaving with water or shaving cream) is an acquired skill. Seriously, if you’re a beginner, get a razor made for that. They’re there for a reason.

Remember, they were coined “safety razors” back when scary Sweeney Todd straight razors were the norm. Compared to those monsters, these are way safer, but if you head into a first shave like you would a disposable, you’re going to look like one of Sweeney’s victims. Safety Razor / Instagram

How We Chose 

In our quest to find the best safety razors for our readers, Alan meticulously researched and evaluated a wide array of products, drawing upon our collective extensive experience in grooming and personal care. Our selection process is thorough and informed by several key factors, ensuring that each recommendation meets our high standards for quality, performance, and user satisfaction. Here’s how we made our choices:

Performance and Reliability: We sought out safety razors that consistently deliver a close, comfortable shave. Only those with positive feedback on their performance made our list.

Build Quality and Design: Durability is crucial. We favored razors made from high-quality materials that promise longevity and have a design that facilitates ease of use.

Brand Reputation: We leaned towards brands with a proven track record of excellence in grooming products. Brands that are well-regarded for their commitment to quality and innovation were prioritized.

User Reviews: Real user feedback played a pivotal role. We combed through customer reviews to gauge satisfaction levels and to identify any recurring issues with specific models.

Price and Value: While not the sole factor, we considered the price to ensure that our recommendations offer good value for money, catering to a range of budgets without compromising on quality.

For readers interested in further exploration of grooming tools, we recommend checking out our related articles on the best beard trimmers and how to choose the perfect shaving cream, which complements the use of safety razors and enhances your shaving experience. These guides are designed to help refine your grooming routine, ensuring you achieve the best results with products that have been rigorously evaluated and stand up to our exacting standards.

Loading Style

To avoid bloody fingers, it’s a good idea to consider the blade loading style. If this is your first time using a safety razor, you’ll want to be extra careful handling that crazy-sharp blade. You WILL cut yourself if you’re not careful.

Butterfly loading is perfect for newbs or fellas who just want an easier time. There’s nothing wrong with screw-on blades, though, so if you’re not scared or clumsy, give one a shot. The single-blade LEAF option even has a magnetic loading style. Cool.

Playing card design with the king holding Gillette safety razor
kingcgillette / Instagram

Why Trust Us

Alan Gregory brings to the table a wealth of expertise and a deep passion for grooming and lifestyle content, positioning him as a trusted authority in the field of safety razors. Alan’s recommendations come from a place of thorough research, personal experience, and a keen understanding of what makes a quality safety razor.

Why trust Alan Gregory? Here are a few reasons:

Extensive Testing and Research: Alan doesn’t just skim the surface; he dives deep into the world of safety razors, comparing models, dissecting features, and evaluating performance through hands-on testing. His approach ensures that only the best products make it onto our lists.

Informed by Community Insights: Beyond his own testing, Alan stays engaged with the grooming community, gleaning insights from forums, user feedback, and expert consultations. This broad perspective ensures his recommendations reflect the needs and preferences of a diverse user base.

Relevant Experience: With a background in covering a spectrum of grooming tools and techniques, Alan’s expertise is not limited to safety razors. He has penned comprehensive guides on related topics, such as pubic hair trimmers (important!) and the best hair brushes, offering readers a holistic approach to grooming.

Final Verdict

After an extensive review, the King C. Gillette emerges as my top overall pick for the best safety razor. Chosen for its unparalleled blend of quality, performance, and ease of use, this razor stands out for its perfect balance, comfortable grip, and the precise, irritation-free shave it delivers (phew, a lot to get through there). Whether you’re new to traditional shaving or looking to upgrade your existing setup, the other safety razors on this list represent what I think is the pinnacle of safety razor craftsmanship.


    • Safety razors were actually the safest shaving option for men in the 18th century (if the name didn’t give it away). Since they didn’t have the fancy technology we do now, you were way more likely to cut yourself. Enter the safety razor. An old-timey dual-bladed razor with a protective piece between the sharp edge and your skin.


      The idea was that even if you sucked at shaving, you could have a clean, yet blood free, shave every time. For the most part, companies haven’t strayed much from the original designs. Some great features have been added, like adjustable necks and dual-sided blades, though.

      • There’s a simple, at-home remedy that should keep all the best safety razors spotless. Just mix four parts water with one part vinegar, then soak the separate razor parts for ten minutes each. When ten minutes is up, use your toothbrush or your favorite rag to clean all the parts.


        If the vinegar solution doesn’t solve your problem, add a little baking soda and mix it into a paste. When in paste form, use said toothbrush to scrub that nasty razor. Just please, don’t try and reuse the blades. You could seriously regret it, and your face may not forgive you.

        • The top reason to invest in a safety razor is the environmental benefits. Usually, the only material used in the construction of safety razors is steel. There’s rarely plastic to throw away, only steel blades. If you’re trying to do away with as much plastic waste as you can, this is the way to go.


          They also look really cool and provide a very close shave. That’s undeniable. However, if you’re looking for a quick, easy shave, you might want to try something like a good electric shaver instead.

          • If you’re shaving daily (bless your heart), you’ll want to change the blade weekly. Most razors will give you about that much life. Just stay away from cheap razors. Aside from the obvious fact that they’ll suck to shave with, they won’t last nearly as long.

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