Biden Rolls To Victory In Nevada With 90% Of The Vote

Biden Rolls To Victory In Nevada With 90% Of The Vote

President Joe Biden continued his strong primary showing in Nevada, where he has gotten roughly 90% of the vote.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, President Biden said:

Nevada Democrats represent the backbone of our nation: the union workers who built the middle class, immigrants who came here in search of opportunity, and families of all stripes who deserve dignity, personal freedom, and a fair shot at the American dream. Tonight they showed us all: we still believe in an America where we treat everybody with honesty, decency, dignity, and respect. Where we leave nobody behind. I am so grateful for their support.

“America was built on an idea – the idea that all women and men are created equal. While we’ve never fully lived up to that idea, we’ve never walked away from it either. But this promise – the very thing that makes America, America – has never been more at risk than it is right now. Donald Trump is trying to divide us, not unite us; drag us back to the past, not lead us to the future.

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“I want to thank the voters of Nevada for sending me and Kamala Harris to the White House four years ago, and for setting us one step further on that same path again tonight. We must organize, mobilize, and vote. Because one day, when we look back, we’ll be able to say, when American democracy was a risk, we saved it — together.

Unlike Nikki Haley, who lost to none of these candidates in the Republican primary, Biden rolled to a big win.

Biden was right. As Trump tries to divide America,  those who are voting are showing a solid amount of unity behind President Biden.

This was a solid win for Biden and another step toward quieting the media narrative that Democrats want another option, but the numbers don’t lie. Democratic voters are standing strong with Joe Biden.

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