The Real Reason For Danny Masterson’s Prison Transfer Revealed


Danny Masterson, who was convicted on rape charges, continues to grab the public’s attention over his bizarre prison transfers.

The entertainer best known for his time on “That ’70s Show” recently settled into his third prison in two months. This move came amid reports claiming his transfers were linked to concerns about his well-being. However, sources with direct knowledge about the situation shared a different narrative.

Insiders Say Danny Masterson’s Transfers Are Part Of Prison Procedures

Following his fall from grace in 2023, Masterson received a 30-year prison sentence that began at the start of the year with his stay at North Kern. At the end of January, he was moved to the Corcoran State Prison, infamously known as one of California’s worst prisons.

Weeks later, he made headlines for leaving the maximum security prison to a more humane facility: the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo. As stated, this shuffling sparked renewed interest in the convicted entertainer as reports claimed his safety was at risk.

Despite this viral narrative, sources close to the situation refuted the speculations. They explained that Masterson was in no way threatened or attacked during his stay at the Corcoran State Prison. Instead, his prison transfers are linked to standard procedures.

Danny Masterson


The insiders told TMZ that Masterson’s first detention facility, the North Kern State Prison, serves as a medium security reception center. Here, inmates are processed into the California prison system, so it is a starting point for convicts before they are moved to their permanent prisons.

In Masterson’s case, he had a primary and secondary prison designation where he would be sent after being processed at North Kern. His primary prison was the California Men’s Colony, and the secondary facility was the Corcoran State Prison.

Naturally, the 47-year-old would have been transferred to the California Men’s Colony after his brief stay at North Kern. However, when it was time to move him, there were no available slots at the facility, and he was placed in his secondary option.

It is unclear if Masterson chose his primary and secondary prison destinations or if the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was responsible. Nonetheless, the shuffling followed the regular procedure as he was immediately moved to the California Men’s Colony once there was an opening.

Inside Danny Masterson’s Transfer From The Infamous ‘Manson’ Prison

As stated, Masterson’s move from the Corcoran State Prison to the California Men’s Colony made headlines, given the differences between the detention facilities. The CSP is famous for housing some of the most dangerous inmates in the state, while the CMC is characterized as a medium to minimum security prison.



The Corcoran State Prison gained its nickname “Manson” prison because it was once the residence of the infamous cult leader Charles Manson, who served a life sentence for the notorious Tate-LaBianca murders. Compared to the California Men’s Colony, Masterson’s new home is a dream come true.

The “Men at Work” alum is expected to find his new detention facility easier to live in as the CMC has fewer restrictions and rules. The prison also provides academic programs for inmates to acquire vocational and other skills, as well as notable self-help programs.

If everything goes as planned, Masterson will spend his 30-year sentence at the California Men’s Colony. As stated, he received a heavy punishment after being found guilty of having non-consensual intercourse with his victims between 2001 and 2003.

The incidents occurred at the height of his fame on the Fox network sitcom “That ’70s Show.” One of his victims claimed Masterson drugged the drinks that he gave them when they visited his home in Hollywood and violently assaulted them once they passed out.

“When you raped me, you stole from me. That’s what rape is, a theft of the spirit. You are pathetic, disturbed, and completely violent. The world is better off with you in prison,” a victim declared during the emotional trial. 

Another victim noted that Masterson did not show “an ounce of remorse for the pain he caused.” She said, “I knew he belonged behind bars for the safety of all the women he came into contact with. I am so sorry, and I’m so upset. I wish I’d reported him sooner to the police.”

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