Swing State Republican Parties Are In Disarray Under Trump


Republicans have a crisis in their swing state parties that are in disarray and critical to the 2024 election.

The New York Times reported:
State Republican parties in roughly half of the most important battleground states are awash in various degrees of dysfunction, debt and disarray.

With former President Donald J. Trump tightening his grip on the Republican presidential nomination, the widespread problems have caused deepening concern among top Republican officials. There is no one explanation for the disparate party struggles in the swing states that matter most for the presidency. But across the map, state parties have become combat zones for the broader struggles inside the G.O.P. between the party’s old guard and its ascendant Trump wing, with rifts that can prove divisive and costly.

The state Republican parties with the most problems include Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. The problems range from being broke to being disorganized to having a civil war going on between MAGAs and non-MAGAs.

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The national Republican Party can’t help because it is also broke, dysfunctional, and about to be taken over by the Trump family. State parties are important for House races and getting out the vote. Republicans are getting their doors blown off by Democrats on the fundraising front, and they are in serious danger of being out organized on the ground in critical swing states.

All of these seemingly small problems add up and lead to election defeats. The Republican Party is in disarray, and it may cost them in November.

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