House Republicans Are Humiliating Themselves Questioning Hunter Biden


House Republicans are embarrassing themselves while trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden as they question Hunter Biden.

Jamie Raskin: House Republicans Think Speakerphones Are The Devil’s Technology

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said, “What we saw, I think, was a rather embarrassing spectacle where the Republicans continued to belabor completely trivial points. They seem to be obsessively focused on speakerphones and the use of speakerphones. I did not know that that was the devil’s technology, but apparently it is.”


Rep. Swalwell told reporters:

But what’s really embarrassing, and I use the word secondhand embarrassment because that’s what we witnessed in there, is they’re so desperate to humiliate the President that they started asking the President’s son personal details about a divorce that happened almost ten years ago. That’s where this has been reduced to.

And they’re doing all this, by the way, when we’re just days away from the government shutting down. We’re critically in need of funding for Ukraine, the humanitarian crisis over in the Middle East, and more security and a broader immigration plan in this country. They’re wasting time and squandering the opportunity to do that because they’ve never accepted Joe Biden as the President.

And now, in this last Hail Mary effort, they’re gonna try and pull off something. I promise you, past this prologue, it’s not gonna work.


House Republicans Are Desperate And Embarrassing Themselves

Boss Trump gave his MAGA House Majority an order. Trump wants President Joe Biden impeached. James Comer and Jim Jordan have failed to deliver for him, so Comer appears to be getting even more desperate to find something, anything that he can use as a basis for a presidential impeachment.

That is why Republicans are obsessing about speakerphones. Comer thinks he can link Biden to his son’s behavior by speakerphone, even though every credible witness who testified has said that the President wasn’t involved with his son’s business and did not talk about anything related to his son’s activities in the calls.

The country has real problems, and this is what Republicans are wasting time and taxpayer dollars on. It is a disgrace and why House Republicans should be sent back to the minority in November.

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