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International Women’s Month celebrates the women’s rights movement, and awareness of issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. These extraordinary women bring us positive statements to encourage other women to thrive ahead, no matter what the barriers are.

Kadrolsha Ona Carole is the host of the popular Hollywood Entertainment News, an actress. author, and motivational speaker. KO as she is known is also a superhero in comic books. She spreads the power of positivity. In her own words which have not changed since her interview in The World New Network, Here is her inspirational uplifting words for all women. Kadrolsha supports Operation Mobility

I am dedicated to helping women succeed in their business and personal goals. Each and every day women are faced with difficulties that men can not even imagine. We are paid less and often thought of as an afterthought. My positive message to women of all ages, and all walks of life is to never stop believing in yourself. Take that belief and push other women forward. By helping other women, you are actually helping yourself with self-confidence and strength.

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Simonetta Lein

Simonetta Lein is host of the wildly popular podcast The Simonetta Lein Show.

Her show consists of inspiring interviews with their favorite celebrities, influencers and heart felt stories on topics that matter. Simonetta Lein (born February 7, 1983) is a TV personality, TV host, model and businesswoman. Lein has won the Celebrity Media Personality & Influencer of the year 2022 award through the World Influencers Bloggers Award at the Cannes Film Festival. She has modeled for designer Stevie Boi during New York Fashion Week and for Richie Rich at Madison Square Garden.

The Simonetta Lein Show gives people the opportunity to speak their views from the heart.


Simonetta Lein (@simonettalein) • Instagram photos and videos

Laura Vue

As an executive in many companies Laura is centered by her arduous up-bringing, and belief in a greater good. Her spirit and tenacious personality are uniquely calibrated for realizing positive outcomes in everything she applies herself to. As a 1st Generation Vietnamese American, Laura has leveraged her understanding of international trade to source the best products and opportunities to the companies that she is involved in, along with the causes that she supports.

Since 2017, Laura has put her talents and passion towards working primarily with Veterans Green Coffee, a “Good Coffee for A Good Cause”; along with many other projects within Veterans Green Projects Initiative Foundation. VGPI Foundations’ mission is to create meaningful employment for veterans and their families in need. Laura Vue supports Operation Mobility

“When something is meaningful to you, regardless of the fact you are only 5 apples height like me, it is worth fighting for.”

Micky Solar

Micky Soler, Spanish journalist and publicist, owner of OriGinaL MagaZine UK.

“Women are exceptional creatures. For centuries, we have been relegated to being part of an invisible history that did not include our names. However, we are capable of the greatest of human miracles: giving life. A blessing, and at the same time, a responsibility so great that it turns us into true warrior goddesses”.

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Instagram: @original_magazine_uk


Tik tok: @micky_soler777


Stevie Alectrona Shepperd 

She is A Style & Beauty Influencer & Talk Show Hostess of Her Own Talk Show, “Style By Stevie Daytime”

She’s Also A Fashion Writer For, “Original Magazine UK” She believes in Empowering Women , speaking up on pay inequalities and disparities for Black women she’s a big advocate for her community the lgbtq+ community and believes for fighting for equality for all and that everyone should be treated equally, she does it with an unapologetic fearless approach, and makes you put yourself into another place in reality to have an open mind, she’s taking a big stance on fighting against homophobia, transphobia, & and misogyny.


Style By Stevie™ – YouTube

Elin-Margareta Nordin

Elin-Margareta Nordin Swedish actress, filmmaker and influencer.

We women can be whatever we want, we have the right to be glamours, sporty, having a day in with no makeup, be businesswomen, be housewives and work hard in anything we do. We have to put trust in us that we can do it and work for it. We have to be ok to be alone, to be with someone wonderful and that we people are wonderful. Elin-Margareta Nordin Swedish actress and filmmaker

Instagram: @elinmargaretanordin

Tik tok: @elinmaragaretanordin This is Snapchat from Elin-Margareta Nordin

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Kayla E. Collins “KEC”

KEC is a wonderfully talented spiritual young woman. Her voice rings true for the voices of many young people. She is on an uphill trajectory in her career. Sharing her passion for the Lord and bringing her angelic voice to the masses is definitely a reason to celebrate her for International Women’s Month.

KEC supports Operation Mobility

Kec uses the lyrics to uplift and encourage people to stay strong.

Check on her new single “I Need You” on youtube. Kayla K E C Collins “I Need You” Video (


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