Jimmy Fallon Sneaks In A Melania’s Missing Joke On The Tonight Show


The Tonight Show did a bit about Trump having to sell his properties that included a Melania’s missing joke.

Fallon said that Trump has some up with some interesting ways to sell his properties, and then played the parody:

This spring, HGTV has a a jam-packed lineup with all new shows. Introducing  Love it Or Legally Required To List It.

Trump: When you have some problem, they list it

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Melania Hunters.

Trump: She’s been hiding where is she?

And make sure you don’t miss, the Poverty Brothers.


The situation with missing Melania has gotten so bad that has been promising at his campaign events that she will eventually show up and campaign with him.

Melania Trump hasn’t gone full blown back of the milk carton vanished like Kate Middleton, but she has not been to a single one of Trump’s many, many court dates, so if she won’t show up to support her husband when he is facing prison, what makes anyone think that she will show up at one of his campaign events?

The former first lady didn’t want to move to Washington, D.C. after Trump took office in 2017. Her greatest accomplishment as First Lady was destroying the White House Rose Garden. She also had a problem with vanishing then too.

Given her track record, it’s probably better if Melania Trump missing.

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