How Do The Fremen Get Off The Sandworms Once They’re Riding Them In Dune: Part Two? Denis Villeneuve Knows


WARNING: The following article contains very minor spoilers for Dune: Part Two. 

Dune: Part Two is a continuation of the events that occur in Denis Villenueve’s 2021 film, Dune. It further tracks the journey of Paul Atreides and all of the people he meets along his journey to reach his full potential and honor his bloodline. The original flick also featured some creatures that were specific to the world within the film, like the Muad’Dib, and most notably the gigantic spooky sandworms. The native people in the sci-fi tale, known as the Fremen, ride the worms to quickly get from place to place in the desert. In the new film, audiences see the incredible strength needed to ride a sandworm, however we never see Fremen getting off the terrifying creatures. While it’s not depicted, Villeneuve still has all the answers on that.

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