John Oliver Calls Out The SCOTUS Trump Immunity Conflict Of Interest


John Oliver called out the Supreme Court for having a serious conflict of interest in the Trump immunity case.

Oliver said, “The court now taking on a monumental unanswered question. Can a former president be criminally prosecuted for actions taken while in office? It’s an interesting question and real quick Yes. Yes. A former president can be criminally prosecuted for actions taken in office. It is one of those questions to which the answer should really be obvious.”

Later Olver discussed the SCOTUS conflict of interest:

And on top of all this, the Supreme Court has a pretty glaring conflict of interest here, specifically This conflict of interest.

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Because Clarence Thomas doesn’t seem to have recused himself from this case, despite, as we’ve mentioned before, his wife supporting Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. So, Thomas is in a difficult ethical situation here. And it feels really important to remind him There is a way out, a smooth, spacious, luxurious way out, that comes with plenty of gas money.

But, the window to take our offer closes in two weeks, Clarence, so please, do get in touch. I’ve got a contract with both of our names on it, right here. Tick tock.


The Supreme Court should not be hearing this case, because there is no unsettled legal question herre. The idea that a deeply conflicted justice like Clarence Thomas got to vote on whether or not the court will hear the case, and now that the Supreme Court has decided to take the case, he will get to rule on a case.

The whole situation reeks of the sort of corruption that is the root cause of whyy this Supreme Court has lost all credibility with the American people. Until Clarence Thomas is gone, the Supreme Court will have a corruption problem.


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