Top Political Strategist Says Trump Is Getting Worse And Melting Down


Paul Begala said that Joe Biden hasn’t really changed, but Trump’s mental abilities have gotten worse, and he’s melting down.

Begala said on CNN, “Remember when Joe Biden confused Barack Obama with Donald Trump? Oh, wait, no, that was Trump. Well, remember when Joe Biden was under oath, and he mistook a woman he raped for his wife. Oh no, that was Donald Trump. In other words, I think the coverage of this has, has frankly, not been very accurate, right? Biden’s gaffes have always been built in. He’s always had his verbal slip-ups, as we all do. I’ve known him for 35 years. I haven’t seen it really get worse. Trump is getting worse. He’s  elting down.”


Begala is right. The coverage has been unfair. He went on to say that if Biden did any of the things that Trump has done, there would be four-inch headlines in The New York Times, and it would dominate the news.

The good news is that Biden and his party are not powerless in this situation. Part of the answer is what the White House has started doing. President Biden is getting out there and doing more interviews. The more visible Biden is, the more concerns about his age will ease.

The second half of what Democrats can do is highlight Trump’s decline. It needs to be made clear to the American people that this Donald Trump is not the same person who ran in 2016 and 2020. They can hammer the idea that Trump is in decline in every media appearance, and they can use some of their massive fundraising advantage to define Trump with ads, while he and the Republican Party are broke.

The vast majority of voters are paying zero attention to the election right now, but Trump seems to be declining more by the day, and Democrats should be ready to highlight this reality in every way possible.

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