There’s Already A Tron: Ares Easter Egg That Connects To Deeper Franchise Lore


For my money, one of the best sci-fi movie franchises in existence is Disney’s Tron. At once ahead of the curve, but also on the bleeding edge of today, the series explores the relationship between technology and humanity. Tron: Ares is about to do that once again, with Jared Leto’s titular Program representing a first contact scenario between the otuside world and The Grid. 

As if that wasn’t a strong enough connection between the upcoming Disney movie and the world it hails from, a pretty sizable Easter egg is already putting the hype machine into motion. What it is, and what it could mean for director Joachim Rønning’s big three-quel could be massive, especially for Tron: Legacy fans. So prepare for some speculation on the game that Tron 3 looks to be setting into motion.

Ares looking back in Tron: Ares.

(Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Tron: Ares’ Surprisingly Sneaky Easter Egg

Our first look at Tron: Ares gave us a good look at Ares, albeit with his helmet still firmly secured. In case you didn’t get a good look at this new Program in all of his resplendently red nature, gaze at the full photo below: 

A figure in a red Grid suit in Tron: Ares.

(Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

That still looks pretty awesome, and I’m still pondering over almost a week later just what that triangular Identity Disc is supposed to do. Which is exactly where we’re going to be focusing our attention on today, as there’s something interesting that should be noted hidden on that object. As reported by Gizmodo, there’s been a detail hiding in plain sight on Ares’ ID disc this whole time.

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