7 Best Men’s Leather Slippers: Indulge Your Feet in 2024


Nothing says you’ve ‘made it’ quite like a pair of leather slippers. Perhaps it’s because—unlike their fluffy counterparts—the blue-blooded kind are seen as a signifier of sophistication and class.

Or maybe it’s the fact that you usually wear them with luxury lounge pants and a cashmere jumper – not a Spider-Man dressing gown and novelty pajamas.

Whatever the real reasoning behind their charm, I think what makes them most appealing is, despite their obvious elegance, you don’t need to be aristocratic to pull them off. In fact, the best men’s leather slippers are for everyone. And damn, does it feel good to wear them.

So, put down the pipe and join me as I uncover the finest regal styles around. Whether you’re reading the morning paper or unwinding after a long day at work, these high-class options are a must-have for downtime opulence.

Key Takeaways

I set out to find the best men’s leather slippers, and you’ll be surprised to know I didn’t write to the king—I couldn’t find his email. Instead, I sought help from slightly more common folk – the everyday man, if you wish. And boy, were they helpful.

By sifting through hundreds of reviews, good and bad, I was able to come up with a list of rather impressive options for the best men’s leather slippers that will give a whole new enjoyment to putting your feet up.

From budget-friendly versions to the last word in luxury, here you’ll find a plethora of slippers, including UGG’s Tasman and the Derek Rose mules.

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Top pick among the best men's leather slippers: UGG Tasman Slippers

Why it’s great: UGG’s Tasman is having a moment. Cooler than your average pair of house shoes but just as cozy, they’re the kind of slippers that you can get away with wearing outside of your residence (especially this leather pair).

Given five stars for their warmth, comfort, and quality, the low-profile design is finished with plush wool lining and the brand’s famous Treadlite outsoles that increase traction and prevent slips.

Who is this for? If you’re after the kind of men’s leather slippers that double up as casual shoes, these are a winner. They cost a little more than your average pair, but once you consider how often you’ll wear them, I believe they’re well worth the investment.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some wearers find they run small. So, if you’re between sizes, I’d suggest going for the bigger of the two.

Sizes Available: 7–18 | Colors Available: 10+ | Heel Cup Height: Mid | Main Lining Material: Wool

Hyfant Leather Slippers

Why it’s great: Made from leather with a textured finish, these handmade men’s leather slippers prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune on quality—seriously, I was genuinely surprised with how great they are for the price. An elegant option for around the house, they boast non-slip soles and a memory foam footbed for all-day comfort.

Who is this for? They’re a must-have for guys wanting a wallet-friendly option that’s not going to fall apart or be uncomfortable. In terms of value for money in the best men’s leather slippers, you’ll struggle to find better.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They lack support, so they’re not the best men’s leather slippers for guys who require that support the most.

Sizes Available: 8.5–13 | Colors Available: 2 | Heel Cup Height: N/A | Main Lining Material: Faux suede


UGG Ascot Slippers

Why it’s great: The reviews, Chico. They never lie. With over 20,000 five-star ratings, UGG’s Ascot slippers are hard to beat. Soft, cozy, and super warm, they’re made from textured leather and finished with the brand’s signature wool lining.

Better yet, you can get them in an extra wide fit, and they have a gum rubber sole that offers excellent traction for indoor and outdoor wear.

Who is this for? These are the best men’s leather slippers for long-lasting style and all-round excellence. They don’t have specific arch support, but they do still feel supportive and snug.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Because of the wool lining, they may feel a little too warm during the summer months.

Sizes Available: 7–18 | Colors Available: 10+ | Heel Cup Height: Mid | Main Lining Material: Wool

Olukai Moloa Slippers

Why it’s great: Moloa is the Hawaiian word for lazy, but the guys at Olukai certainly didn’t cut any corners when making these men’s leather slippers. The versatile style features a drop-in heel that can be folded down for slip-on convenience—how cool?

And they’re made from waxed nubuck leather and finished with moisture-wicking lining (great for sweaty feet). The dual-density gel footbed provides unrivaled comfort and cushioning.

Who is this for? As cozy as they come, these will appeal most to comfort-seekers and guys who suffer from cold feet (literally). They’re also a must-have if you want a pair of durable everyday slippers that are tough enough to stand up to mischievous pups and tea stains.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Guys with wide feet might find them a touch narrow. But don’t worry, they do start to give after a while.

Sizes Available: 7–16 | Colors Available: 9 | Heel Cup Height: Mid | Main Lining Material: Microfiber

Bearpaw Leather Moccasin Slippers

Why it’s great: Boasting cloud-like softness and uber-cozy warmth, these moccasins are a seriously comfortable choice. The sheepskin lining makes sure your feet are never cold, and the cushioned footbed will help in reducing foot fatigue—great news for guys who are on their feet all day.

Who is this for? Particularly suited to the cold-weather months, Bearpaw’s men’s leather house slippers are excellent at keeping your feet warm. They’re a classic option that has managed to find the perfect blend of form and function.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I noticed numerous guys complaining they run small. If in doubt, order the next size up from what you would usually order. You may also want to choose the ‘wide’ fit should you have particularly wide feet or just need a little more room.

Sizes Available: 8–14 | Colors Available: 1 | Heel Cup Height: Mid | Main Lining Material: Faux sheepskin

Mr. P Leather Slippers

Why it’s great: These resemble more of a slider than a slipper, and I love how versatile this pair are. Suitable for in and out of the house, they’re made from all-black leather with comfortable molded suede footbeds and ridged soles for grip.

You can rock them at home with pajama pants and a tank top or show them off at the local cafe with jeans and a crew neck tee.

Who is this for? Lovers of luxury will be all over them, as will guys who desire an elegant slipper that you can wear inside and out.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The price tag is certainly a little steep, but remember they’re not just house slippers. You’ll be able to wear these pretty much anywhere, so you’ll get to wear them all the time. Just don’t forget to take them off when you don that suit.

Sizes Available: 8–13 | Colors Available: 1 | Heel Cup Height: Low | Main Lining Material: Suede

Derek Rose Mule Slippers

Why it’s great: When it comes to luxury nightwear, Derek Rose offers up some of the best gear in the business. So it shouldn’t surprise you that they also produce some of the best men’s leather slippers. Easy to slip on and off, this pair of is made from full-grain leather and finished with beautiful suede lining—plus a cushioned footbed that softens every step.

The soles of these men’s leather slippers are crafted from suede, too, which means that you can move silently around the house like a deadly assassin (more importantly, you won’t wake the baby).

Who is this for? You’ll need to be working with a fairly generous budget, but they’re worth the splurge if it’s everyday luxury you’re after. These are the kind of men’s leather slippers that you can’t wait to put on as soon as you get through the front door.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although the suede soles reduce noise, they do also make them a little more slippy (on certain surfaces) than those made from rubber. Still, they’re on my list of the best men’s leather slippers.

Sizes Available: 7–13 | Colors Available: 1 | Heel Cup Height: N/A | Main Lining Material: Suede

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Buying Considerations For The Best Men’s Leather Slippers

Leather Quality

The type and quality of leather used in crafting slippers can play a crucial role in their durability, comfort, and overall appearance. Try to opt for those made from genuine leather or high-grade materials like full-grain or top-grain leather. These materials not only provide a luxurious feel but also tend to age better, developing unique character over time.


Comfort is paramount when it comes to any footwear, especially slippers. You’ll want to look for features such as cozy lining, cushioned insoles, and arch support to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit. When choosing the best men’s leather slippers, remember to think about sweat-wicking styles to avoid sweaty feet.


Slippers come in a variety of styles, from classic moccasin designs to mules. Consider your personal style preferences and whether you should opt for a sleek and refined appearance or a more relaxed and casual style. Some of the best men’s leather slippers will be suitable for indoor use only, whereas others will be designed to wear outside, too.

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How We Chose

To determine which products would make the cut on this list of the best men’s leather slippers, I closely analyzed more than 50 pairs and pored over hundreds of customer reviews. Once I had a better understanding of which ones excelled in terms of style, comfort, and durability, I was able to narrow down my list to just seven.

As well as putting each pair under my sartorial microscope, I also considered a variety of price ranges and did some extra homework on the reputation of each brand. Only then was I happy that my finalists were the cream of the crop, the best men’s leather slippers around.

Customer reviews: Checking the feedback from recent buyers provided invaluable insights into how each pair of men’s leather slippers fared on the feet of different men. Not only did this ensure a well-rounded perspective, but it also helped me find a range of designs that perform in every aspect.

Brand reputation: A brand’s reputation speaks volumes, especially when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. To find the best men’s leather slippers, I leaned towards well-established brands with a proven track record for producing high-quality footwear.

Price: I gave thought to a range of price points to cater to various budgets. Although affordability was a key factor, I ensured that every option was up to standards. By exploring different price brackets, I was able to provide a well-rounded selection of the best men’s leather slippers.

Why Trust Us?

Billy Webb, a seasoned writer at FashionBeans, has carved out a niche for himself as a trusted expert in the realms of men’s grooming and fashion. Through rigorous product testing and a keen eye for quality, Billy’s recommendations come from a place of deep understanding and experience.

In articles pertaining to comfortable footwear, he has showcased his ability to sift through countless products to find those that truly stand out in terms of design, functionality, and comfort.

When it comes to the best men’s leather slippers, Billy employs the same meticulous approach, prioritizing factors like material quality, craftsmanship, and user comfort. His expertise is not just in identifying trends but in recognizing the timeless qualities that make a product worthwhile.

This dedication to quality ensures that when Billy recommends a product, it’s because it has passed his comprehensive evaluation, making him a reliable source for fashion and grooming advice.

Final Verdict

Although I wouldn’t hesitate to choose any of the men’s leather slippers I’ve featured, UGG’s Tasman is my go-to. Easy on the eye and seriously comfortable, it has everything you need from a house shoe and more.

Whether you’re running errands or kicking back on the sofa, the popular slippers are an awesome option that’ll keep your feet warm and outfit on point. They are the best of the best men’s leather slippers.


    • Absolutely. The inherent quality of leather ensures durability, comfort, and a timeless aesthetic that not only stands the test of time but also elevates the overall experience of lounging at home. While the initial cost may be higher compared to some alternatives, the long-term value, luxurious feel, and the ability of leather make them a worthwhile investment.

      • Washing leather slippers in the washing machine isn’t recommended. However, you can use a soft, damp cloth (or specialist leather cleaner) to wipe away any surface dirt. You may also be able to wash the insoles separately, but you should check the care instructions provided first.

        • The lifespan of any slipper will vary depending on quality, usage, and maintenance. High-quality leather slippers that are well looked after can be expected to last for several years. Sometimes more.

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