7 Best Perfumes That Attract Men: Cinch Your Catch in 2024


If you think that guys couldn’t care less about the perfume you’re wearing, then think again. When it comes to dating and the art of seduction, from a man’s POV, these seven perfumes that attract men are game-changers.

Most men don’t hit it out of the ballpark when it comes to communication skills. So, it’s hardly surprising that you may be feeling clueless about how to catch a guy’s attention. I’m not here to mansplain women’s fragrances. Instead, I’d like to offer an insight into the male mind when it comes to perfumes men love on women.

Finding perfumes that bring men in is a walk in the park when you know what to look for. First, we can’t get enough of sweet and delicately delicious scents. Gourmand fragrances pack a powerful physical reaction in men, too, instantly heightening arousal.

Don’t just take my word for it. A study revealed that the scent of pumpkin pie increased blood flow to the male nether regions by 19.5 percent. Amber, jasmine, musk, sandalwood, and patchouli are also serious scents of attraction for all sexes.

But if sweet dessert fragrances aren’t your thing, then a whiff of feminine florals like rose and orange are also likely to grab the attention of your Mr. Big.

We guys often choose the best colognes to feel good about ourselves. After all, there’s no bigger confidence boost than being told we smell amazing by a potential partner or loved one.

But here, I’ve turned the tables, and instead of bringing you colognes women love, I’m sharing with you the seven femme fatale fragrances that the male population can’t get enough of.

What are you waiting for? Check out my seven best testosterone-teasing perfumes that attract men. Go get him, girls!

Key Takeaways

While the best way for a guy to attract a mate is to choose a manly cologne, the same applies to the opposite sex. On my journey to find the 7 best perfumes to attract men, I poured over research and reviews to discover it’s all about hitting those naughty notes. Vanilla is a proven man magnet.

Combine it with a fragrant Turkish rose, and you have a perfume with powerful pulling potential, which is why my overall pick is Mancera Rose Vanille. This fragrance has impressive longevity, so you won’t have to head for the hills once the clock strikes 12.

If you’re searching for a perfume that’s out of this world, Mugler Alien Goddess is a great choice. It’s light and fresh with tantalizing tropical vibes.

a bottle of black orchid cologne by tom ford
mrfragrance868 / Instagram

Tops among the perfumes that attract men: Mancera Roses Vanille

Why it’s great: Perfumes that are meant to attract follow a common theme, with sweet, delicate, and floral seeming to be the holy trifecta. Mancera Roses Vanille is a feminine blend that gives major wife energy.

This rich rose scent, by French fragrance guru Pierre Montale, is one for the romantics. RV packs a punch in the longevity stakes with 8–10 hours of wear time.

Who is this for? Fragrance TikToker @tjtalksscents agrees that Roses Vanille is one of the top women’s perfumes that attract men. He describes Roses Vanille as a “fresh, rose musky scent that is for that cute, sweet girl who everyone adores.” If this is your dream compliment, you just found your new fragrance, wing woman.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Rose and vanilla aren’t a groundbreaking combo. But that doesn’t stop this floral fragrance from making men weak at the knees.

Top Notes: Italian lemon | Middle Notes: Turkish Rose | Base Notes: White Musk, Vanilla, Cedar | Type: Eau de Parfum

Mugler Alien Goddess

Why it’s great: I have a soft spot for anything Mugler. After all, it was the OG Alien perfume that my wife was wearing when we first met. Perfectly balancing fresh florals and white coconut flesh with a creamy Bourbon vanilla base, Alien Goddess is a magnet for millennial men.

Who is this for? When male Redditors were asked what perfumes men love on women, one note proved particularly popular: coconut. A guy went as far as to say, “Coconut scents are the bomb, boxer dropper.”

A more eloquent commenter noted, “A tropical coconut vanilla blend reminds me of a summer getaway.” If you want a sparkling spring-summer scent, coconut-centric Alien Goddess is your perfect partner.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some ladies feel Alien Goddess strays too far from the original Alien DNA.

Top Notes: Coconut Water, Bergamot | Middle Notes: Heliotrope, Jasmine | Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Cashmeran | Type: Eau de Parfum

Dossier Floral Marshmallow

Why it’s great: Dossier Floral Marshmallow is an approachable scent that proves not all perfumes men love on women break the bank. Youthful marshmallow, vanilla, and musk are a heady concoction that few guys manage to resist. A Floral Marshmallow girl is someone you take to meet the parents.

Who is this for? Dossier Floral Marshmallow is a dupe for By Kilian’s Love Don’t Be Shy, which happens to be Rihanna’s go-to fragrance, FYI. Unlike its costly counterpart, Floral Marshmallow comes in at less than 40 dollars.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: As the name suggests, Floral Marshmallow is sweet-sweet, which may not be for everyone.

Top Notes: Marshmallow, Bergamot, Neroli | Middle Notes: Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Orris | Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Musk | Type: Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Why it’s great: A few years ago, my eternally single best buddy went on a date. When asked how it went, he said, “Interesting girl. Smells amazing.” He’s a man of few words, so this comment caught my attention. They’re now married.

So, what is this scent that inspires proposals? Tom Ford Black Orchid, apparently. A warm, spicy, practically edible perfume with notes of chocolate, truffle, and vanilla.

Who is this for? No wonder this is one of the top perfumes men love on women. Tom Ford Black Orchid separates the women from the girls. This luxury fragrance oozes the type of self-assured confidence that guys find irresistible. It’s ultra-long-lasting with insane projection; your bottle will last a lifetime.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Black Orchid has the potential to be overpowering when sprayed heavily.

Top Notes: Truffle, Jasmine, Gardenia, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Tuber | Middle Notes: Orchid, Fruity notes, Spices, Lotus | Base Notes: Vetiver, Chocolate, Patchouli, Incense, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla | Type: Eau de Parfum

Moschino Toy 2

Why it’s great: Waiting out a four-hour delay at Heathrow Airport, I headed to duty-free, hoping to earn some husband brownie points courtesy of the perfume aisle. Here is where I discovered Moschino Toy 2.

I was initially drawn by the bear-shaped bottle, but it was the green apple, fresh laundry-type scent that steered me to the checkout. It is comforting, inviting, and wholesome. When my wife wears Toy 2, I want to bury my face in her neck.

Who is this for? The calming combination of apple, mandarin, musk, and florals reminds me of high-end shampoo (the one I’m banned from using in the bathroom). Moschino Toy 2 is an ideal everyday perfume. This shower-fresh scent is the one to wear when you want to feel put together.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Light perfumes tend to fade away faster, but this is true of all fresh fragrances, not just Toy 2.

Top Notes: Apple, Mandarin, Magnolia | Middle Notes: White Currant, Jasmine, Peony | Base Notes: Musk, Amberwood, Sandalwood | Type: Eau de Parfum

Versace Crystal Noir

Why it’s great: If you’ve made it out of the DMs and onto a first date, you’ve already caught his eye. Now, it’s time to leave your guy wanting more with one of the top women’s perfumes that attract men – Versace Crystal Noir. A tantalizing blend of tingling spices meets a base of creamy sandalwood and amber for a scent of seduction.

Who is this for? Spritzing on a sexy scent before heading out on a first date can be the ultimate confidence boost. ­­­Versace Crystal Noir exudes femme fatale vibes. This spicy, mysterious perfume will have you playing on his mind long after you bid goodnight.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Peppery perfumes can sometimes be divisive. Spritz rather than saturate to fall on the right side of the line.

Top Notes: Ginger, Pepper, Cardamom | Middle Notes: Coconut, Orange Blossom, Gardenia, Peony | Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk | Type: Eau de Toilette


Marshmallow Pumpking Spice Latte Body Spray

Why it’s great: You’ll never believe what brand came up when I asked friends which perfumes men love on women: Bath & Body Works! It turns out that budget-friendly body sprays that emulate delectable desserts are inviting.

We’ve already established the smell of pumpkin pie boosts blood flow down there, so it’s little wonder that B&BW Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is a top contender.

Who is this for? Maybe potent perfumes aren’t your style. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to catch a crush’s eye or nose, this gourmand body spray could be The One.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This isn’t a sophisticated scent. But it is fun, delicious, and shows the guy you like that you don’t take life too seriously, which is an appealing quality in itself.

Notes: Marshmallow, Whipped Cream, Pumpkin, Sandalwood, Cappuccino, Praline, Musk | Type: Body Spray

holding a bottle of moschino toy 2 cologne
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Buying Considerations For Perfumes That Attract Men


When choosing perfumes that attract men, consider the type of guy you’re hoping to hook. Alpha males tend to fall for ultra-feminine scents that are in total contrast to their masculinity.

Perfumes like Mancera Roses Vanille and Dossier Floral Marshmallow are the epitome of soft feminine energy and provoke a protective feeling that taps into a guy’s primal instincts.

Hot guys looking to spice up their lives can’t resist a strong, independent woman. Versace Crystal Noir and Tom Ford Black Orchid are perfumes with rich, sophisticated notes.

On the flip side, if your man’s idea of a perfect date is an intimate evening in rather than a raunchy night out, consider a subtle scent. Moschino Toy 2 is a cozy, fresh fragrance that will make you more approachable.


When it comes to perfumes men love on women, there’s a sexy scent to suit every budget. Within the 40- to 60-dollar price range, there’s fresh and fruity Moschino Toy 2 and spicy sex bomb Versace Crystal Noir.

If you’d prefer not to spend more than 40 dollars, I’ve got you. Dossier Floral Marshmallow and Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte are mouthwatering fragrances that will leave you smelling good enough to eat.

If you’re going to splurge on a high-end fragrance, my tip for getting the most bang for your buck is to pick a perfume that’s long-wearing. The fewer top-ups you need, the longer your bottle will last.

Tom Ford Black Orchid and Mancera Roses Vanilla are luxury perfumes that last 8+ hours. But take care; even the top women’s perfumes that attract men can become a turn-off when oversprayed.


Read through the breakdowns of the top women’s perfumes that attract men, and you’ll notice a pattern. Many of these feminine fragrances feature vanilla and musk, which isn’t a coincidence.

Vanilla has long been hailed as a natural aphrodisiac, a fact backed by scientific studies. In the 1700s, physicians recommended vanilla to men to boost “potency.” Brown University researcher Charlotte Bruce Harvey agrees that “The closest thing to a universally beloved smell is vanilla.”

The best way to describe how musk smells is like “your skin but better.” Musk is thought to be structurally similar to pheromones, believed to help us seem more attractive to potential mates.

If you’re serious about seducing a guy with your scent, couple up with vanilla and musk perfumes. Mancera Roses Vanille, Dossier Floral Marshmallow, and Mugler Alien Goddess are rich in creamy, sweet vanilla. Meanwhile, heady musk is a prominent feature of Versace Crystal Noir and Moschino Toy 2.

a bottle of mancera roses vanille cologne surrounded by flowers
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How We Chose

Scientific Studies: You can’t deny the findings: men can’t get enough of certain notes, including vanilla, musk, coconut, and, strangely enough, pumpkin pie. Science doesn’t lie, so when it came time to make my roundup of perfumes that attract men, I hand-selected scents that featured these swoon-inducing notes.

Female Feedback: You didn’t think I’d write an article about women’s perfume without checking in with the ladies themselves, did you? I called on my wife, co-workers, and female friends to share their favorite feel-good fragrances that earn them compliments.

Because above all, do you know what is the most attractive thing you can wear? Confidence. So, when choosing a scent to appeal to the opposite sex, first and foremost, ensure that it makes you feel good.

Price: My research revealed that the top women’s perfumes that attract men don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I ensured that my top perfume picks covered a range of budgets. When I did include a higher-priced option, I made sure it was long-lasting to boost its value-for-money rating.

Why Trust Us?

As a writer for FashionBeans, Mal regularly writes on the latest trending topics in the beauty and grooming world. If you want to know how to make cologne last longer, whether cologne expires, or the difference between cologne and perfume, he is your go-to guy.

So, ladies, trust us when we say the same goes for unlocking the secrets to the best perfumes that attract men.

Perfumes should make you feel desirable and empowered. Who better than a man to tell you which fragrances get guys hot under the collar?

First, Mal sought out scientific research that confirmed men find some scents more arousing than others. He then called on trusted guy friends and co-workers to weigh in on the feminine fragrances that appealed to their senses.

With this research in mind, Mal hunted for perfumes that honed in on these notes. The final step was gaining valuable insight from the women in his life who put the products he found to the test.

The results are in! Stilettos and stockings aside, some perfumes can get a guy’s pulse racing. Once you discover the best perfumes that attract men, you can sit back and watch the magic happen!

Final Verdict

Spritzing one of the top perfumes will help you catch a potential partner’s attention and give you a confidence boost that’s undeniably sexy. This collection of the 7 best perfumes that attract men will put a sultry spring in your step with their sweet and seductive notes.

Mancera Roses Vanille leads the charge with its classy concoction of jammy rose, creamy vanilla, and mellow musk. This feminine floral fragrance is a mating call to modern-day males.


    • For successful seduction, there’s no one perfume to unleash the beast. It depends on the time of day, occasion, and the guy you have in your sights. Heady and hypnotic scents like musk and sandalwood are perfect once the sun sets. But if you’re hoping to corrupt a co-worker, a de-stressing vanilla scent will get you noticed. For daylight wooing, the best perfumes to attract men smell wholesome and fresh.

      • Scents with aphrodisiac properties are a magnet for attracting guys. So, you’ll often find it’s vanilla and cinnamon perfumes that attract men the most. Floral or fruity fragrances work well, too, but not if they are too potent, so delicate is the key to successful seduction.

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