8 Best Face Washes for Men with Dry Skin: Rehydrate in 2024

8 Best Face Washes for Men with Dry Skin: Rehydrate in 2024

If your skin is dry, then you shouldn’t be reaching for just any old cleanser. In fact, your traditional foaming face wash could be contributing to the over-stripped feeling on your skin.

Whether you’re experiencing dry skin from an overabundance of actives or it’s your natural skin type, a nourishing cleanser is key for your routine. To combat rough, dry patches and that overly tight sensation, you need the best face washes for men with dry skin.

Using a creamy cleanser might feel odd if you’re used to washes with a lather, especially if you’re also acne-prone, but it’s your best defense against dry skin. Inside of that richness, you’ll find humectants that draw moisture from the air and help your skin retain it, and emollients, also known as occlusives.

They trap water in the skin to prevent transepidermal water loss. In short—cream cleansers lock in lots of lasting hydration and heal the skin barrier if you’re pimple-prone.

Some mild exfoliating ingredients can be helpful, too. These will buff away rough spots, leaving smooth, supple skin in its wake. But not every solid dry skin cleanser needs to contain exfoliants, especially if your skin is sensitive to them. It’s easy enough to rely on serums or a clay mask for that.

Without further delay, let’s take a peek at the 8 best face washes for men with dry skin.

Key Takeaways 

For this assignment, I began by poring over hundreds of photos, customer reviews, and even my own bathroom cabinet until I whittled it down to the 8 finalists you see on this list.

Overall, the tops among the best men’s face washes for dry skin is La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Cleanser because it’s recommended by derms, contains barrier-repairing ingredients, and is adequately priced.

I love that it hydrates the skin without leaving the skin dry and tight. For a deeply cleansing face wash with a hydrating, lotion-like consistency, check out Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser.

man rinsing the soap off of his face
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Tops among the best face washes for men with dry skin: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Cleanser

Why it’s great: Dermatologists love this face wash, and not just because it’s widely accessible and moderately priced. The silky, creamy texture cleanses well while also being gentle on dry skin.

It’s packed with barrier-repairing goodness like niacinamide, Ceramide-, and prebiotic water that is rich in selenium, a powerful antioxidant. And because it’s pH balanced, it will help prevent redness and irritation. This belongs in your grooming kit.

Who is this for? If your skin is itchy, red, or sensitive, you’ll appreciate the soothing, repairing nature of this cleanser. It’s a solid option for hydrating dry skin at a great price point.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This men’s face wash for dry skin contains niacinamide, a key ingredient for skin barrier health, but it can be irritating to some.

Benefits: Barrier-repairing, fragrance-free | Size: 15.52 oz | Feature: pH balanced | Scent: Unscented

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser

Why it’s great: Dry-skin folks rave about this goat milk cleanser, which sounds good enough to eat. It uses highly nourishing ingredients like jojoba, avocado, and manuka honey to soothe highly agitated, stressed skin.

The creamy consistency feels so calming and hydrating while easily removing dirt, oil, and makeup. I personally use it when my skin feels extra sensitized, and it’s certainly one of the best face washes for men with dry skin.

Who is this for? Because it’s so darn gentle and hydrating, this cleanser is ideal for red, stressed, and highly sensitive skin.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This dry skin cleanser may be expensive, but it’s highly effective. It would also make an impressive gift for the right man.

Benefits: Smoothing, Calming, Hydrating | Size: 4 oz | Feature: Gentle | Scent: Honey

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Solutions Gentle Lo Cream Cleanser

Why it’s great: It doesn’t get much better than this budget face wash that’s packed with skin-healthy vitamins and minerals typically found in luxury cleansers.

Inside the gentle cream consistency are cica and bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative, that offers natural, mild exfoliation to smooth, scaly, uneven skin texture. Paired with aloe Vera and rice milk, this men’s face wash for dry skin is pretty soothing and calms redness.

Who is this for? Because it’s 98.9% natural and approved by the National Eczema Association, this is a great affordable face wash for those suffering from itchy, dry skin.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: As per the label, it cannot be used around the eyes, so it’s not the best for make up removal.

Benefits: Fragrance-free, non-foaming, natural | Size: 6 oz | Feature: Cica and bakuchiol | Scent: Unscented

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Why it’s great: Cerave is a go-basic for a reason: this gentle yet effective non-foaming cleanser has all of the classic skin-nourishing ingredients dry skin craves. It has a beautiful, lotion-like texture that’s boosted with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to plump the skin.

Thanks to controlled-release technology, this hydrating quality will last all day, too.

Who is this for? Simple, budget-friendly, and moisturizing, this cleanser is an easy staple for dry skin folks.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although this is one of the best face washes for men with dry skin and also widely available and low-priced, it’s not natural.

Benefits: Fragrance-free, Moisturizing, non-foaming | Size: 8, 16, 19 oz | Feature: ceramides, hyaluronic acid | Scent: Unscented

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser

Why it’s great: If this dry skin cleanser were priced a little lower, it would’ve been my top pick. With a clean, pH-balanced formula that maintains the skin’s natural acidity, it’s consistent and reliable.

This is a very gentle, unscented cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin. Aloe and glycerin help with that nourished, smooth feeling, and an infusion of antioxidants protect the skin.

Who is this for? If you’re acne-prone or dealing with redness, you’ll appreciate that this men’s face wash for dry skin helps to reduce flare-ups.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I wish that this cleanser were a little cheaper, but it’s absolutely worth every penny.

Benefits: Fragrance-Free, Moisturizing | Size: 2, 8, 11 oz | Feature: sensitive skin | Scent: Unscented

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Why it’s great: Based on the premise that like dissolves like, this water-soluble oil cleanser from DHC binds to sebum and impurities to deeply penetrate and cleanse the pores, leaving a silky, supple texture in its wake.

Oil cleansers are usually step 1 in double-cleansing as an effective make-up and sunscreen remover, but they can work as a sole cleanser as long as you rinse your face clean with water. This one is packed with nourishing ingredients that dry skin needs, like antioxidant olive oil, toning rosemary oil, and vitamin E.

Who is this for? If you wear sunscreen or makeup daily, then cleansing oil is your best bet to remove stubborn residue. Depending on the sunscreen, though, it may take a couple of washes.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best face washes for men with dry skin. However, some reviewers with sensitive skin report some light redness, so if that sounds like you, it may be better to look elsewhere.

Benefits: Fragrance-Free, Moisturizing | Size: 7 oz | Feature: Natural | Scent: Unscented

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream of Cleanser

Why it’s great: Dry, stressed skin is going to love this Mediterranean superfood cleanser. I like that it locks in hydration in addition to gently cleansing the skin or dirt, grease, and grime: it uses seawater to minimize pores and Greek yogurt to deeply hydrate the skin while delivering pre and probiotics.

Amaranth seed extract is rich in fatty acids that boost the skin barrier. And if you like a little foam action in your face wash, this one starts out creamy and then works into a gentle, bubbly lather.

Who is this for? Highly nourishing, this men’s face wash for dry skin is great for sensitive skin or dry, stressed skin that needs some extra nourishment and protection.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It may not be the best for those with dermatitis, so be sure to patch test before using.

Benefits: Fragrance-free, Moisturizing, gentle | Size: 5.07 oz | Feature: sensitive skin | Scent: Unscented

Neutrogena Hydroboost Hydrating Gel Cleanser

Why it’s great: If you’d rather have a gel consistency instead of cream, this lightweight cleanser gently cleanses without disrupting the skin barrier or giving your skin that tight feeling afterward. It turns silky on the skin and uses ingredients like glycerin to make the skin feel plump and juicy.

Who is this for? Sometimes our skin craves a lighter formulation in humid climates or during the hot summer months. This men’s face wash for dry skin will remove sweat and grime that accumulate during the day while still enriching the skin.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Though it’s fragrance-free, some reviewers have complained about the scent.

Benefits: Fragrance-free, Moisturizing | Size: 7.8 oz | Feature: Gel cleanser | Scent: Unscented  

facial skincare travel kit by neutrogena
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Buying Considerations for The Best Face Washes For Men With Dry Skin


Many foaming cleansers are overly stripping and leave that tight, dry feeling behind on the sin. Thus, it’s critical to choose a cleanser with a creamy, lotion-like texture. It’s not going to give a big lather and can take some getting used to, but your skin will appreciate the soft, hydrated feeling.

Cream to foam formulations are also common, and good for those who crave some suds. Additionally, oil cleansers are great for removing dirt, oil, and sunscreen.


The best face washes for men with dry skin should have hydrating ingredients as the top priority. Humectants and emollients should be present to add moisture and prevent moisture-loss. Look out for aloe, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin for that.

But many hydrating ingredients that are good for dry skin do more than one job. Ceramides, squalane, and niacinamide for instance, all help to repair skin’s barrier functioning while also locking in hydration.


Your skin can be naturally dry, but dryness can result from a damaged barrier and the use of too many actives, a common occurrence in our ‘dry it out’ culture. So, it’s important to proceed with caution when using exfoliating ingredients.

That being said, some of the best face washes for men contain mild exfoliants from natural sources that also hydrate. And exfoliating can be great for dry, flaky patches of skin.

Cica, a common K beauty super ingredient, mildly exfoliates, promotes skin barrier health, and gently prevents acne blemishes. Bakuchiol, the plant-derived retinol alternative, performs a similar function. These are excellent choices if your skin is dry but also acne-prone.

a bottle of hydrating gentle cleanser by laroche posay
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How We Chose

Many face washes claim to cleanse the skin without over-stripping the moisture barrier, but many don’t deliver. That squeaky, clean, tight feeling is not conducive to skin health, especially when your skin is already dry, to begin with.

So, I am careful to choose the very best face washes for men with dry skin based on the reputation of the company, how customers feel about a product, and most importantly, what is in each formulation to determine the outcome of each ingredient.

Company Reputation: The way the general public views a company is of utmost importance. Do they offer good, quality products that are delivered on time? Have they been delivering for some time, or is the company relatively new yet promising?

All of these factors go into my decision for the best face washes for men with dry skin.

Customer Reviews: I always pay attention to what customers say online. Are they satisfied with the face wash? Are they willing to buy it again? What people say is a top consideration in my decision-making process.

Ingredients: A face wash can claim to hydrate or cleanse the skin all day, but without specific ingredients listed on the label, it might not perform as claimed. Are there hydrating elements? Skin barrier-repairing ingredients in the mix? I am sure to review them in their entirety before placing a men’s face wash for dry skin on this list.

Why Trust Us?

Rachel Cascella has been a guiding light in the grooming and fashion industry, sharing her expertise on Fashionbeans with a focus on helping men look and feel their best. Her approach is thorough, comparing multiple products and considering the needs of men with dry skin to offer solutions that are both practical and effective.

She’s no stranger to writing about skincare. Whether it’s overall skincare products, a solid skincare routine, or something more honed in, like moisturizers with SPF, she demonstrates her commitment to providing readers with well-researched and trustworthy advice.

In her exploration of the best face washes for men with dry skin, Rachel draws on her extensive background in skincare and grooming products. She meticulously selects items for review based on their ingredients, effectiveness, and feedback from the grooming community.

Rachel’s work is driven by her passion for empowering individuals through knowledge and the right products, making her recommendations reliable and well-founded. Her dedication to uncovering the best in men’s grooming ensures that readers are receiving advice from a seasoned expert who understands the nuances of skincare and fashion.

Final Verdict 

The best face washes for men with dry skin should be moisturizing, contain skin barrier-repairing ingredients, and adequately cleanse the skin without that over-stripped feeling. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser is my number one pick because it is gentle, hydrating, well-priced, and recommended by derms.


    • Regardless of your skin type, you should wash your skin at least once a day (always at night) to remove dirt, oil, and impurities. If your skin is dry, use a cream cleanser from this list.

      • Dermatologists recommend any option from this list of best face wash for men with dry skin, especially La Roche-Posay and CeraVe, followed by moisturizer and sunscreen.

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