Oppenheimer Made Almost A Billion Dollars, But The Follow-Up Roles Aren’t Coming For Every Star Involved In The Film


Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster biographical drama Oppenheimer is an impressive spectacle – especially when considering the huge cast the Tenet director worked with. The film was a huge winner at this year’s Academy Awards, and you’d think the prestige would be enough to keep the entire roster of stars booked and busy. Unfortunately for David Krumholtz, outside of his new 2024 movie Lousy Carter, the phone apparently hasn’t been ringing off the hook. 

The actor recently discussed his hope for changing fortunes following his portrayal of physicist Isidor Isaac Rabi with The Hollywood Reporter. Krumholtz says that Oppenheimer’s huge 2024 Oscar wins amplified some feelings that were already there about his career and the movie’s success. He explained,

The hardest part of being in the film that won everything and made $1 billion is that you go into this place of expectation. It’s righteous expectation, but the problem is when it doesn’t pan out or it isn’t panning out, you start to really lose your shit and fall into resentment. So I can’t let that happen because, ultimately, it hurts me and it hurts my acting and it hurts my family. So I am trying to be as patient as possible, but there’s no one banging at the door, currently.

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