Conservative George Conway Headlines Biden Fundraiser and Donates $929,600


Conservative lawyer and ex-husband for former Donald Trump aide Kellyanne Conway (aka, “alternative facts” lady) will headline a fundraiser for President Biden in D.C. on April 24 and has written a check for $929,600, which is the max you can give to the Biden Victory Fund, Axios exclusively reported on Wednesday.

The minimum gift for the event is $500.

Trump has driven Republicans out of the party in droves with his attacks on small d democracy, his lawlessness, and his attempt to overthrow the 2020 election.

Republican strategists banded together to form the Never Trumper “Lincoln Project,” as one example, and Biden Republicans formed various groups, one claiming on Twitter, “Reagan Democrats crossed the aisle and changed history. In 2020, #BidenRepublicans did the same. We’re ready to do it again in 2024.”

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Here’s the latest ad from the Lincoln Project (which also demonstrates why it helps to have Republicans making ads – they understand how to attack an autocrat):

You can also see Republicans from the Never Trump coalition on TV, making the point that we can disagree on policy all day long but we can’t disagree on democracy and freedom.

And now, George Conway has put a huge chunk of change behind the talk. And this is but his first pro-Biden event of the 2024 election cycle.

Biden has a large cash advantage so far, but as anyone who was here in 2016 has learned the hard way, we don’t know which foreign hostile powers are helping Trump behind the scenes or what kind of corrupt hat trick he will pull next.

Additionally, the wealthy elites in this country aren’t going to leave Trump hanging out there alone, funneling his base’s cash into his legal fees. They will step up with the dark money that is so attracted to Trump’s dictator leanings.

This election is a war for our democracy and every single person who steps up is a patriot no matter how they show their support: knock on doors, talk to people about the stakes and issues even when it makes you uncomfortable, send $25 to your candidate, volunteer as an election worker, or write that big check like George has.

To get really get his attention, the court needs to revoke his bail.

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