We All Squeal For Animals Reading: 11 Bookish Items


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I grew up with the cartoon series Tiny Toon Adventures and a part of my soul recognized a similarity in Elmyra Duff. And, while her name reminds one of Elmer Fudd (which the internet says is her mentor), unlike Elmer constantly trying to kill a “wabbit,” Elmyra just wants to “… love them, and hug them and hold them forever!”

Okay, so she’s way too aggressive with her love and no animal actually wants to be loved by her and I am never like that. On the outside. But, on the inside of my brain, whenever I see an animal, I am very much instantly just a puddle of “It’s so cute, I want it!” Which is why I always come to a screeching halt on Etsy anytime I’m scrolling through and come across an animal reading, which is two of my favorite things rolled into one.

So, I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorites, whether you need a break from the world and just want to see items featuring animals reading or are looking for a garden figurine of a frog reading to come live with you. Maybe you need a tote for your books with baby chicks in sunglasses reading? And while I obviously couldn’t list every animal — I do love them all — I’ve got a wide range including sloths, raccoons, mice, squirrels, hedgehogs, flamingos, pandas…

3 framed black and white sketches of an elephant, zebra, and lion cub reading a book

Set of 3 Reading Animal Wall Art ($50+): Look at these little pudding pops learning to read! This is perfect for a nursery, library, or classroom! (Print or canvas option, framing, and various sizes to choose from.)

If you’re looking for more bookish items we got you with our Book Fetish picks.

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